(English) Is It Deja Vu? The Court On Sarsenbayev Case Passes On Proven Scenario

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  1. Анонимно

    Да все понятно с этми опппозицитцонерами. Нигде их слово не проходит. Но платят им именно за это... За фон, скажем так...

  2. Анонимно

    Impose sanctions against a blood stained, corrupt, undemocratic and inhumane regime of Kazakhstan's president Nazarbayev

    The unwillingness of the US administration to cease its support lent to President Nazarbayev, a Kazakh Saddam, and his highly corrupt family undermines a long term security of the American people. A wrong stance by the White House allows Nazarbayev to further kill, torture and persecute genuine pro-democracy friends. It undermines President Obama's commitment to defend democracy around the world. Americans and Kazakhs pay too high a price for miscalculations by the US administration. If the richest Central Asian nation is ignored by USA and its democratic allies, Nazarbayev's regime will continue his assassinations, economic mismanagement, tortures, religious discrimination, corruption, thereby causing misery, and the poverty to millions of ordinary Kazakhs willing to be a free nation.

  3. Диадох

    Аблязова оставляют на Западе! Победа!!!!!!