May 2009

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The major tourist stream

Classical statement "in vino veritas", in vodka - the truth, in beer - power, in water - microbes isn't that proper for Kyrgystan. The Kyrgyzstani vine usually has good quality though you might not tell. If you're trying to buy vodka it's recommended to be very fastidious. ... (Continue reading)

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(Русский) Неизгладимое впечатление от сломанного утюга

(Русский) Проблема в том, что понятие "коррупция" ассоциируется с несколько иным кругом лиц. И почему-то даже тех же Алиева и Аблязова не арестовали и судили, когда было нужно и можно, а дали возможность беспрепятственно уехать и заниматься литературным трудом.... (Continue reading)

(Русский) Крестный зять

(Русский) И если изложенное в книге - это все, что может сказать человек, готовый предложить Западу свои услуги в качестве «демократической альтернативы» Назарбаеву, то уж лучше ничего не менять в набирающем мудрость брежневских времен казахстанском режиме. ... (Continue reading)

“Godson-in-law” is a Bad Character

Finally, one more question arises after the book was read. What did the author of the book do while Mr. Nazarbayev’s retinue has been involved into the “bad” business? You’ll receive the clear answer in Kazakhstan, during that “gold” period Rakhat Aliyev has been trying to enrich himself ... (Continue reading)

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Altyn or Euras

We would remind you that today Russia and China speak in support of creation of the new currency to be used in the international markets. The leaders of the Latin American countries arise this question for a long time too. ... (Continue reading)

(Русский) Конспирологические штучки, или казахстанская демографическая «неучтёнка»

(Русский) Вторая перепись населения стала достоянием истории. О том, как она проходила, какие в итоге получила результаты - еще долго будут обсуждать историки, специалисты. И очень досадно, что она оказалась со скандальным, «конспирологическим» душком.... (Continue reading)

Wherefore and why «Godfather-in-law»?

Aliev had escaped to Austria. When Nursultan Abishevich swept out his son-in-law with muddy broom, breaking away from sinecure of power and wealth - Rahat Mukhtarovich had declared father-in-law by his enemy. Nowadays he is not praising Kazakhstani state system. He has released the book of "Godfather-in-law". ... (Continue reading)

The Number of Self-engaged Employers Increases

In Kazakhstan there are 117 sq. meters of the trade area for every 1000 persons. In Russia the similar parameter comes to 250 sq. meters, in Europe there are 400 sq. meters for every 1000 persons. The “long-term” credits are required for construction of the trade areas. ... (Continue reading)

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Intensification of a Pension Question

The pioneer of such system is Chile. When Mr. Aidar Alibayev (RK) got acquainted with the Chilean experience, the Chilean experts insistently advised not to hire the banks employers to Accumulative Pension Funds (APF), and to keep away from the banks. ... (Continue reading)

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Transit is the Gold Bottom for Kazakhstan

Geographically Kazakhstan has the tremendous opportunities for the transit transportations. Perhaps, Kazakhstan is one of the few countries which have a great potential for the international transit without the outlet to the high sea. ... (Continue reading)

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