September 2009

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To reform the opposition

But whom, for many years of its activity, the oppositional camp promoted from new politicians? It’s hard to remember any. Where are new names and faces from opposition? There isn’t one. More likely, that controversial process is ongoing, when marked men are going out from oppositional members. ... (Continue reading)

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Avatars of salary

Authorities, policemen, army officers, customs workers, and judges in Kazakhstan is low-paid category of jobs. And if they eating in expensive restaurants, riding luxury vehicles or wearing diamonds – it is the result of corruption. Middle hand authority, who lives only on salary, couldn’t keep his family. ... (Continue reading)

Captain grant children in Kazakhstan: story of the fiasco

Allegedly these are the directions, on which different grants from West were devoted since the board line of independency. How could happen, that millions of dollars and euro on various improvements were devoted and came to Kazakhstan, but it didn’t get better? Such directions like court system and protection of environment are falling into deep. ... (Continue reading)

Kazakhstan has screwed up everybody

“Multi-vectorness” was worked for geopolitical piggy-bank of Astana for such a long time, that many got the illusion like that sort of things would last forever. And then 08.08.08 rolled around; and even before it, a sleeping pain spots of Eurasia put onto itself with renewed vigor. ... (Continue reading)

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Rakhat Aliyev or the Man who would be Chief

Settling accounts at gunpoint is something communities in the former Soviet domain have all but got used to during the roaring 1990s. Chicago-style business life may be over its peak, but still seems to be rampant in the former USSR. Observers tend to think that in Russia, the worst times are over now. ... (Continue reading)

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Dzhakishev – manager of uranium sell out

What exactly changed in Kazatomprom in time of Mukhtar Dzhakishev? No new deposits were discovered. Explored fields of uranium were discovered in Soviet days. No new facilities were built. Support and hope of the industry is, same as ten and twenty years ago, Ulbinsk metallurgical complex and several deposits. ... (Continue reading)

People and politics in Kazakhstan

There is only one city in Kazakhstan that can turn out people to be the subject of politics. It is Almaty. Demography specialists estimate population in this metropolis about 2 million people, plus another million in close situated communities. So, the Almaty agglomeration contains about 20% of the whole population in the republic. ... (Continue reading)

Shall we say a word about freedom of media…

But there is another option, which can’t sustain any of the true goals, for which mass-media are establishing; instead, this precise thing is allowing earning relatively good capital. Pitifully, some are using it successfully. Within journalistic environment it’s called “ordering out” or “black PR”. ... (Continue reading)

Administrative blindness blossom

Young Turki showed different results in areas entrusted for them. From plain-spoken losing in performance of Serik Burkitbayev (went in prison after holding post of the head of KazMunaiGas) until successful, as it was with Mukhtar Jakishev (who is arrested after been head of KazAtоmProm). But their generic feature was failing to set apart their own pocket from governmental one ... (Continue reading)

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Human pasture – a new reading in crisis conditions

Even today some conflicts can’t be managed without conflicts; however, common conflict-generating potential will only grow up. People, chased by need, will go extensively to the mountains, forests, on lake shores and to pounds, and new-sprung owners will protect their resources. Let the strongest win in every certain case. ... (Continue reading)

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