October 2009

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Prime-Minister is a butterfly but ant needed


Fatal inoperability of the ministries and departments shocks even professional experts who had seen rough times. Discipline is unknown word for many officials. As the result, Prime-Minister flyblowing future butterflies, hoping that they will grow, pollinate the crops and be pleasant to the eye. But butterflies children are caterpillars, and have few chances to become butterflies. They won’t be pleasant to the eye but they eat anything with a envious appetite. Let’s remember that feed is not enough nowadays. ... (Continue reading)

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The union of NSDP and «Azat – 2» was presented in Kazakh Concert Hall


In any case, Nur Otan, the political party of Power, now has the political rival which is hard to ignore. Social-democrats, Azat members themselves interpret the expert scepsis at their address as “black PR” and ready to prove in fact they have become not only more in number but in political strength presently. ... (Continue reading)

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Where is commodity sovereignty of Kazakhstan?


So, in 2009 the number of starving and underfed got over 1 billion people. But that’s not all. In modern times it is important not only to eat something, but eating quality products. The specifics of Kazakhstan are that with all nature given abilities it is able to wok on both export (millions of tons of crops, vegetables, milk and meat) and quality. Thus without unlimited concentration of chemistry and poisoning fertilizers, which is common sin of our eastern neighbours – Chinese. ... (Continue reading)

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New wedding of political ephemers


However, native feature of Kazakhstani opposition is the willingness to get everything for free, whether it’s massive support from people or places in parliament. That follows by complex unavailability for everything, whether it is repressions from state machine or impossibility to unite at least few thousands of its followers in one place, lack of skills to protect its activists and assistants; at tenth of thousands registered members in each of oppositional parties. ... (Continue reading)

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Kazakhstani market happened to be destructive


How on earth the structure of society consisting of authorities, policemen, traders, bandits, whores, pimps, guards, controllers, drivers, stockmen, lawyers, and accountants could compete with those, which has high share of engineers, technologists, logisticians, constructors, scientists and marketologists? Even despite the fact that the majority of our bankers are cheaters and there are almost none of reliable attorneys.... (Continue reading)

Rakhat Aliev: distortion of a mind


He took her to Almaty, where he settled her on special love joy flat, where she was imprisoned for a long time. Captives of harems were living in such conditions in medieval time. Modern democrat Aliev, by all appearances, was complimented to feel himself like a sheikh, who owns an exotic concubine. ... (Continue reading)

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Nazarbayev is acknowledged leader of Kazakh nation


In what connection it can be said that the leader of the nation is perceived in the same way by both Russians and Kazakhs. Nazarbayev is the leader for all. This feature always existed in Kazakhstani society, from the very first years of republic’s establishment. ... (Continue reading)

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President’s post in Kazakhstani is in top 50 for a long time


Rakhat Aliev is also a contender, but of different breed. This person in his desires is resting not on smartness and strategy, but on power authorities. Lack of intellect became fatal for him. Nevertheless, by virtue of common idiocy and unpredictability he is very dangerous, because nobody could estimate next step of schizoid with big money. ... (Continue reading)

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Places of vermin profit


The mainland of law enforcing structures, special services, prosecutor’s office and court system is somehow specific. There are allegedly no goods can be produced and no access to republic and local budgets, as common top-authorities has. Instead, this is the place, where you can clearly understand that redistribution of property is profitable. The freedom of man is too a resource, which can be converted in round amount. ... (Continue reading)

Foes of Nursultan Nazarbayev have no methods against him


The time came for transnational oil companies to be satisfied with less rate of profit in Kazakhstani projects. They don’t want to part with such amounts of income in headquarters of oil giants, but the real lie of the land nowise in their favor.... (Continue reading)

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