December 2009

A virus of distrust (Year 2009 in review)

The situation inside the state is more difficult. Necessary non-change of the president, which people readily proved on elections until now, resulted some stagnation in elite. ... (Continue reading)

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Trends 2009, well…

The mutual distaste in the family of law protecting agencies and special services came to clearly unhealthy indicators. Mainly Committee of National Security and financial police were sorted things out, but in some or other case all security officials and law enforcers are participating in a mess. ... (Continue reading)

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Hard times for trade

If Cherkizon (settled slang name of Cherkizovsky marketplace) would reborn in Karasay district, then Kazakhstan can expect flow of immigrants, illegal traffic and revitalization of criminal elements. The owners of Cherkizon are powerful organization in any respect. For that reason they will took profits outside of the country, because here there are no guarantees of ownership for them. ... (Continue reading)

Independence Day: many has been done, but even more ahead

Today, taking all nuances, Kazakhstani agenda is similar in many ways to one, which was on the dawn of independency. We need adjusted and precise strategic decisions. Worth reminding that reach and poor is different categories of people and their looks on life, household, value system and stereotypes of behavior is very different from each other. ... (Continue reading)

Asian fastfood won over Western in Kazakhstan

Happily for locals, Kazakhstan isn’t situated on main routes of genetically modified meats, which are fulfilled with growth hormones . but those who tried such beefsteaks abroad stating that you can just as well chew rubber sole of a boot. ... (Continue reading)

Nabucco: the reality of a myth

Now it’s the Nabucco turn, taking in account currently building Southern flow, where the main participant is Russian Gazprom. Who needs Nabucco, despite Brussels, Washington and Ankara, when China, capable to afford any volumes which hypothetically Astana can supply, is so close to Kazakhstan? ... (Continue reading)

Handymerchant, or for whom the Customs Union is in favor

Kazakhstan’s Participation in Customs Union will be additional factor, supporting its economical and political stability, allowing to substantively enlarging the potential sales market for the purpose of both further development of more or less stabile economical areas of present period (fuel-energy, non-ferrous and iron metallurgy and crops industry) and for renewal of fallen into decay (winemaking, fruit and vegetables growing etc.). ... (Continue reading)

A sad story of villages

Sadly, we quite recently realized the necessity of normal functioning of agricultural sector in our country. Special governmental programs to support villages were, as it becomes obvious today, not one of the most important directions of modernizing economical system, but unsorted events which were dictated the necessity to somehow balance different directions in economy. ... (Continue reading)