Sex-industry of Kazakhstan


— Are you suffering from erotic dreams?
— Why suffering?

Payment in advance for sexual services (if they are rendering on a commercial basis) is an essential condition in all the territory of Kazakhstan. The country hasn't yet become Mecca for the sex-tourists, but the most demanding connoisseurs of love could be pleased. The prices for the services of the Kazakhstan prostitutes are fluctuating in between the same ones in Amsterdam and Bangkok.

nadyaCertainly the largest assortment of sexual services is offering in Almaty. Due to Almaty is the biggest city of the country, the demand for the prostitutes is high. However, it's desirable for the English speaking client to have the Russian speaking guide. Basically, the hotel personnel could offer a variety of prostitutes for the well-to-do client, but with the guide these services are safety a little bit.

It is not so necessary that the guide should had any special contacts with souteneur or knew addresses of the illegal brothels. It's already enough, that he could buy the weekly newspaper «Caravan» in the nearest booth and look through the pages under the heading «Private sector». Officially prostitution is prohibited in Kazakhstan, however there is not the special obstacle for sex-industry.

To find the needed object «for application» one can do nothing without the mobile telephone. Though, if the guide has the telephone, it's no need for the tourist to have the «cell phone». The standard price per an hour (the minimum possible time) is USD 100 at the rate of exchange. Sometimes the price is lower or higher, but always includes the guaranteed compliance of hygiene. As Almaty «priestesses of love» obligatory use the condoms, risk of getting the infection from them is minimal. Not all prostitutes agree to have the anal sex, so it should be discussed beforehand.

Of course, there are the VIP-prostitutes, their price per hour comes up to USD 400-500. This could include the price for luxurious apartments, or the rent of apartments is paid separately. If the girls are called to sauna, the bills always are separate: for sauna and for the lovers services.

If you like to feel yourself as a local resident you could walk along the Sain or Seifullin streets, the places of traditional meeting with the «priestesses of love». The Sain street lost its' prior position while Mr. Imangali Tasmagambetov was Akim (Mayor) of Almaty. Thus, the prostitutes had to wait for the clients at nearby cafes and hotels, the room in a hotel could be booked for an hour or several hours. When Mr. Akhmetschan Yessimov became Akim (Mayor) of Almaty the situation at the Sain street has changed. Now the prostitutes could walk along the street openly. Their «work» per hour costs no more than USD 40.

It's difficult to recognize the prostitute in Almaty, especially in summer time. Usually the women wear bright and stylish dresses, and the prostitutes could wear modest dresses. One could meet the same situation at the restaurants for the rich. The lonely and well-dressed woman could sit at the table in the restaurant because of she is alone and wants to have a lunch or a dinner, and not because of she is a prostitute.

The amateurs of ethnic sex can find in Almaty the street-walkers of different nationalities: Kazakh, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Tatar, Uigur, Uzbek, Kurd, Turk, Armenian, Greek and many others. There aren't Mulattos in Almaty but if desired one could find them too.

If the ladies are searching for the men they should visit restaurant nearby to the hotel «Almaty». Also, for these purposes it's more convenient to use the Internet or the abovementioned weekly newspaper «Caravan». Again, if you have your personal guide you'll meet no difficulties to solve the problem.

Astana offers less opportunities for the sex-tourists, than Almaty does. The situation in the hotels, restaurants, sauna is similar but the prices for the sex-services in the capital are higher than in Almaty. There are no analogous for the Sain and Seifullin streets in Astana, but the quantity of the «priestesses of love» is visibly less than in Almaty. You'll notice the fact in case you frequently visit the capital of Kazakhstan. If the period of the visit does not exceed a couple of weeks, a variety of prostitutes promises to be sufficient.

The Aktau city is located at the coast of the Caspian sea. It's a sea-port, though the oil industry workers set a tonus here not the seamen. The administrative centre of Mangystau oblast is the distinctive rear base for the oil companies working on a Manqushlak peninsula. The prostitutes' services are more expensive than in Almaty because of the high solvent demand. A great number of girls and young women irregularly prostitute in Aktau.

The specific feature of Aktau city is that the «priestesses of love» could be easily found in the night clubs. The other classical place for the prostitutes is the hotel, which is typical for all the large cities of Kazakhstan. However, the night club opens more opportunities than the hotel.

The foreigners visit Aturau city no less, than Aktau, and geographically those two cities are located not far from each other. But Aturau obviously loses to its neighbor on the Caspian sea in quality of sex-services and the «ladies». If to you really «want a lady» in Aturau, the best and the easiest way is to rely on the permanent hotel personnel (in prestigious hotels they can speak English).

In comparison with Almaty, Shymkent city gives way only before a variety of the street-walkers, but again it is possible to find «the Slav lady» with the required parameters (age, size of a breast, growth). To buy the sex-services in the administrative centre of the South-Kazakhstan oblast is cheaper than in Almaty. The most popular and convenient place for the sex-services is the elite sauna. Using the sexual services it is recommended to be in the «above average» segment because of Shymkent is one of the main hearths of AISD in the country.

Ust-Kamenogorsk city (centre of the Eastern Kazakhstan) offers the sex-services at a price approximately as in Almaty. The choice basically is limited only with Russian and Kazakh prostitutes. If you do not accept a choice available at hotel, we recommend to find the guide. The main feature of Ust-Kamenogorsk city lies in the fact that sex-industry is not visible, so it's difficult for a stranger to understand the local nuances.

The foreigners do not very often visit Taldykorgan city, because of the city is neither a capital (like Astana) and a megalopolis (like Almaty), nor the centre of oil industry (like Aktau and Atyrau) and metallurgy (like Ust-Kamenogorsk). At the same time the sex-services for the provincial centre are advanced. Again, it's more convenient to search of the prostitutes with the help of the hotel personnel. And, it's absolutely impossible to find any prostitute in Tekeli city (30 thousand inhabitants) located in 30 kms from Taldykorgan city. So, to admire mountain landscapes travel to Tekeli, and to enjoy commercial sex come back in Taldykorgan.

Cities like Balkhash city (70 thousand inhabitants), located on a coast of Lake Balkhash) concern to ones with undeveloped prostitution. Here, searching for the «priestess of love» brings no results. This fact confirms the thesis that the cities smaller than administrative centres haven't developed sex-industry, there is no point of going there for sex-services. Actually, only Almaty is the high-grade city for commercial sex. If one takes Almaty for 100 %, Astana, Shymkent, Aktau comes to 50 %, and all other cities are even lower.


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