An ambassador with a gun


In his book “godfather-in-law” Rakhat Aliev recalls when on the 1st of July he spoke to Austrian Interpol representatives. While speaking, completely unexpected point was discovered:

2009 07 13 R— Do you have gun?, — policeman asked

— Yes, in my car.

— Do you have permission to carry it?

— Yes, I have, as early as 2002, along with Kazakhstan to Austria Ambassador ID

Short conversation, mentioned by Rakhat, uncovers much. Starting with the main thing: why would an ambassador need a gun? Back in 2002 Rakhat Aliev was assigned as extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador in Austria. According to Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relation of 1961, all diplomats have diplomatic immunity. For more persuasion, we’ll bring forward section number 29 of said convention: “Personality of diplomatic agent is immune. He can’t be arrested or held in any form. State of residence is obliged to relate to him with adequate respect and take all required action to prevent any infringements on his personality, freedom or merits”.

Thus, an ambassador simply needs no weapon. Any attack on ambassador always regarded as extremely hostile action against his country and sometimes considering as casus belli. All of rooms of embassy and personal residence of ambassador, all documents and correspondence are also untouchable. Even after declaration of war a host country must threat an ambassador with respect. Because the main weapon of diplomat is pen, which he use to undersign state papers. Neither ambassador nor any diplomat has to shoot back nobody. Moreover in European countries, particularly in Austria.

The fact that Rakhat Aliev acquired himself a gun and get firearm permit right after his assignment on Kazakh ambassador to the Austria post, categorically speaks about his excessive suspicion, a true paranoia, once even ambassador status couldn’t assured him to refuse carrying firearms. The degree of this paranoia can’t even be imagined. Of course, Rakhat speaks about Holy Grail of international law – Vienna Convention, the diplomatic immunity. But it seems that this immunity was nothing, a mere words to him.

Then, also tellingly that Interpol not only knew the fact that Rakhat Aliev carried weapons, but in the first place asked him about its presence in dialogue. Seems that Austrian policemen adequately envisaged obliquities of Rakhat and suggested that he can use his gun. There’s nothing to wonder about, however. Many people that knew Rakhat personally remember that he always carried a piece, and he fairly often caught it if he thought that there’s any danger threaded his precious life. Pretty often that “danger” only seemed.

This illustrative trait of his biography uncovers internal motivations of Rakhat Aliev’s actions. It’s quite possible that most of his actions were led by strongest and completely irrational fear. He was scared of everything and everybody, and saw personal threat in anything. To kinda manage with this fear, he was aspired to control by force, to be violence for those who he considered as dangerous for some reasons.

It seems that his evolution from medic into law enforcer reflects gradual growth of this irrational fear. At the very beginning of his career in independent Kazakhstan it seems that his fear of anything was minimal. In 1993 he left from surgery research center and become the deputy of the Head of International Economical Relations Office of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, and then he became a businessman. Generally, new possibilities were opened to him, and Rakhat Aliev heighten-up his social status, becoming the manager.

Critical time came in December of 1996, when he left from the business and became first deputy of the head of Main Office of Tax Policy of State Tax Committee of Kazakhstan and the head of Corruption and Illegal Traffic Control Agency. Such crusty jump is hardly can be explained by no other reasons than the increasing fear. Seems that unscrupulous competitors were started to appear to him everywhere, and now he decided to gain additional reins of control. He had possibility to ask his father-in-law for new posts, which was given then to him by Nursultan Nazarbayev.

If the dragon of fear is always fed, then he grows and gradually overmasters the person. New assignments didn’t help him, and on September 1999 he was assigned to post of the Head of one of the departments of Almaty district of National Security Committee (NSC), in July of 2000 – deputy of the Head of NSC, and on May 2001 – first deputy of the Head of NSC.

Only men of poise with nerves of steel must handle state security, which can set apart a real danger from fictional, and assume the measures to its elimination. But for Rakhat Aliev, working on these posts was only promoted transformation of his fears into whole phobia. Judging by his book, he even started to consider his father-in-law as his personal threat. Along with that, this phobia was growing as the years went by, and now, by the pen of Rakhat, the president became an organizer of all famous political murders in Kazakhstan. No valid evidences of this version were proposed, as he couldn’t get anything else, than whispers and glimpses.

This phobia, obviously, was the real reason that pushed him to open confrontation with the president, and then his escape and betrayal. In consciousness, horror-stricken by comprehensive fear, all facts, one way or another all events lining up into string of logic, which only reinforcing assurance in presence of the danger.

His composition, especially his ambassador’s pistol, clearly and visually shows that the problem roots in Rakhat Aliev himself, in his comprehensive fear, which completely commanded his way of thinking. The rest is Rakhat’s attempts to rationalize his phobias.


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