Honduras is worrying us. Why Rakhat Aliev choose Vienna for his runaway? Why not Tegusigalpa?



Latest events in coffee-banana republic of Honduras have riveted attention of the whole planet. Local army has set coup d’état by capturing presidential palace and sending acting president out of the country. However, the new government hardly will develop from provisional into permanent. All the countries in the world, even those which are suspected in hidden support of the putchists, had recently declaimed against the military takeover.

2009 07 23 zhest The tempers in exotic Honduras are as far from us, as Astana geographically far from Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa. Its political waves aren’t concerning us, and we actually have no economical relations with its region. Nevertheless, this country isn’t completely alienated for Kazakhstan, especially because for some famous citizens of Kazakhstan it’s become a second home.

Seven years ago Sergey Kleshenkov, former boss of СЕС television channel, the part of Rakhat Aliev’s branched media empire, was arrested in Germany. The police had found international passport of… Honduras, along with business passport of Kazakhstan, in Kleshenkov’s things. Kleshenkov couldn’t tell anything intelligibly about the origin of this document. In return, Aliev’s newspapers and TV channels had united against all, who dare to report on scandal with Honduran passport.

However, the largest media holding in the country couldn’t make anything, but empty resentment and market square abuse. Too solid was the proves – passport on the name of the head of CTC TV channel. Precisely after four years Sergey Kleshenkov suddenly died. But the passport story wasn’t forgotten until then. More of that, an interesting continue has emerged. As it turned out, the head of CTC hasn’t been the most famous Kazakh-Honduran.

Reportedly, Rakhat Aliev and Alnur Musaev, generals of National Security, had too acquired similar passports. These “persons of Honduran nationality” preferred to get rid of their passports right after Kleshenkov’s incident. How possibly Kazakh citizenship can be merged with Honduran? And not just “merge”, but hold the top posts in the government, and, more of that, in National Security? It’s the question without an answer. By ply of thinking he is a true hot Honduran chap without any brakes. It’s amazing that Rakhat Mukhtarovich gave favour to Austria rather than Honduras, for his so-called emigration or, to say simple, escape from punishment for his felonies. He would be feeling more comfortable in burning Tegucigalpa, then in effeminate Vienna. Latin environment is famous all over the world with its crime skirmishes. The sentences for Rakhat Aliev were very much of Honduran suite: kidnapping, racketeering, thefts.

Recently Honduras has generally actualized old dream of Rakhat Aliev. Sure he had planned something similar in Kazakhstan – coup d’état. He had no less expectation: trained hitmen, hundreds of weapons and thousands of ammunition, special technical means, and wiretapping equipment, which allow to listen to anyone. The operation was prepared on Top Secret Bureau level. As far as coup attempt was failed in Kazakhstan, and this entire arsenal wasn’t set into play, the threat level stayed underestimated, and it is easy to argue and philosophize about it. Meanwhile, the country actually teetered on the brink of violent overthrow of Power. Now we are looking events in Honduras on TV, and two years ago the same could happened in Kazakhstan. Not the same, however. Knowing Rakhat Aliev, the scenario would be completely different. There is no doubt that Rakhat Aliev’s junta, like the new government of Honduran putchists, is too wouldn’t be acknowledged by global society, which is indeed informed about the personality of general. But would it stop the general? How many victims would cover his way to Power? It’s only left to thank gods, that Aliev’s dreams to establish Honduras in Kazakhstan weren’t meant to be.


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