To reform the opposition

By Meirzhan BULTAY, student in Czech Republic

An opposition, which is in any developed country is the alternative and political counterweight to ruling parties, is completely and inseparably associated with marrow circle of professional phrase-mongers, who are wasting air from year to year for no obvious reason. This circle was basically formed in the end of 90’s, and from those times it became more and more stagnated. You can get particularly good impression from the outside, when you are situated for a long time outside of the country.

2009 09 30Oppositionists are like to blame the power in «corporateness»; that the officials were monopolized many rights and freedoms. And what the oppositionists have by them? If we put a clear eye on it, it is seen that they have all the same «corporateness», but in even more hard shape.

You can blame Nur Otan in many offences, but they have renewed some staff; and Darkhan Kaletaev, young vice-chairman of the party, has came down to crowds and started to give interviews to press, then he met experts over Kazakhstan and Moscow, and also conducted a number of events. A new face appeared; a new name in big Kazakhstani politics.

But whom, for many years of its activity, the oppositional camp promoted from new politicians? It’s hard to remember any. Where are new names and faces from opposition? There isn’t one. More likely, that controversial process is ongoing, when marked men are going out from oppositional members. Somebody was killed, like Nurkadilov and Sarsenbayev, somebody ran abroad, like Kazhegeldin, somebody disappeared from political field, and somebody gone from oppositional camp, as Baymenov and Kozhakhmetov. Circle of oppositional leaders is tapering from year to year, and in recent times it became entirely tight: Abilov, Zhandosov, Kosanov, Tuyakbay, Tokhtasynov and also two or three men from second echelon. And that’s it, that’s the opposition.

Besides, they are promoting only members of this tight circle into power, thus them. Why it isn’t a corporation?

The other side of strongly marked “«corporateness»” of oppositional camp is that its leaders are absolutely not ready for a dialogue, absolutely not ready to listen to anybody, but only want to speak. Any person, who visited oppositional events and meetings, would tell: all of them, one way or another, are fatally transformed into monologue of three of four men on nominal topic: “antisocial regime”, “government must resign”, “suppression of rights and freedoms and etc.

Opposition was repeatedly offered to start dialogue on major questions of the state, society and economics. It is hard even to count all appeals and attempts to establish at least exchange of opinions. Besides little result was achieved, nevertheless oppositional corporation refused any forms and kinds of dialogue. Despite Darkhan Kaletaev’ numerous statements about Nur-Otan party willingness to start dialogue, nevertheless, in his public appearance in Aytpark in November 2008, Kaletaev was reluctant to admit: “for the month of being on this post, for example, yet I didn’t get any invitation on any of round tables, arranged by opposition”.

Oppositionists are not ready to hear the head of the biggest political party in the country. What possibly to say about other political and social organizations? The oppositional corporation is braced to tolerate them in only one case – in quality of wordless crowds on their meetings; because they have no followers, able to come to meeting, left.

What is the opposition today? It is useless relic of the period of initial party system establishment in Kazakhstan, when everything was dependant from one, two or three men and their charisma.

The era has changed, and now people of Kazakhstan are ready for more dynamic political representation and activity. In the last few years, number of new and effective organizations appeared, able to solve specific questions, but without chattering. Oppositional corporation is crossing the path of this process. They monopolized access to mass-media and trying to restrict anybody to gain it with all means.

The reasons of this are understandable. As soon as real soicla and political leaders will become famous and popular, then oppositional corporation will go to a bin in body. Comparing to a person, who can solve problems of at least on village or district, Abilov or Kosanov are bags of wind. Put a real social leader together with Abilov, and everything will be clear for anybody. Abilov could writhe out Kazakh speeches as long as he wants to, but he couldn’t turn the nation to him.

Oppositional corporation monopolized access to financial resources and grants. Look, overwhelming majority of oppositional leaders have no job for a long time, they are engaged only in politics, but alongside they are living successfully and some of them even given SUV’s as presents. They are parasite on those fame, which they created in times of initial establishment of party system by pseudo-democratic rhetoric.

Nurlan Yerimbetov, moderator of Aytpark club, became a real voice of the nation, stating on meeting with Amirzhan Kosanov: “Why do you going there at all? You are going there for ten years! Pictures are hangin on walls in your office: with some Greek, with Polish. Why the fuck you need it? What did they do for my country? As a realist, I understand that they can’t do anything for my country. Does it seem to you that these visits abroad and public statements on round tables is common barratry?” yes, their business is barratry, because such thing can be united with begging grants and finance.

If to despoil them from mass-media and foreign finance, then all members of oppositional corporation will be unwanted to anyone. They can’t handle anything, can’t organize anybody, and can’t solve any problems. You can’t be fed with shaking the air. They knew it perfectly, and holding their corporate solidarity in force.

Such resources, media and grants, could be very helpful to develop Kazakhstan, if they could go to the pockets of real leaders who are solving problems. Then here would be less radioactive lakes, villages under depression, rightless migrants, but would be more local governance, quality press and healthy social activity.

Fortunately for Kazakhstan, the oppositional corporation is composed with so useless leaders, that it couldn’t seriously damage interests of the republic of somehow influence on something. Rakhat Aliev, for instance, was really dangerous person, able to make many crimes and even on coup. The oppositionists are unable even on agreement with each other, despite a coup. Nowadays they are expanding in press. Of tomorrow they would shoot themselves as one by three shot in the back with their hands tied, nothing in Kazakhstan would change despite contents of some newspapers and websites.

A principal question is arising: why would we tolerate these useless people? Why are they needed at all? Kazakhstan needs an opposition, but not such opposition. A new opposition required, consisting of entirely new men, not connected to this corporation neither with business, nor friendship or knowing each other. A new opposition must be composed with smart and expert persons, able to constructive dialog and on sharp and substantial criticism, when the question is about major problems, interests and safety of the republic, able to produce smart alternative.

There are no such people in present oppositional corporation at all, only bags of wind, living on accounts of foreign grants. That’s why, if to make changes in political system in Kazakhstan, then it is needed to throw away all of the present oppositional corporation, expel it from the fairground, despoil them from access to media. The beginning of renewal has been started, because the most vermin persons for Kazakhstan were expelled of isolated: Rakhat Aliev, Mukhtar Ablyazov, Mukhtar Djakishev and others. Now the time came to waste useless ballast. For the start, I’m proposing to deprive a right to be named as opposition from them, and call them chatterboxes of mylzhins.


  1. Макпал тате

    Скажи на милость какие студентики учатся у нас в заграницах! Прямо патриот и азамат.

  2. капитан

    браво! Таким студентам — респект и уважуха!

  3. Азат

    Бултай — не болтай. Бедолага ты опоздал, оппозицию уже давно лишили доступа к СМИ, возможностям сборов и проведения собраний и митингов. У нас в стране она давно вне закона, ее гнобят и преследуют, а аресты и убийства это основные методы, которые власть использует против них. Именно поэтому в круг оппозиционеров не спешат идти новые лица и персоны, хотя ни к власти, ни к ее лидеру не испытывают никакой симпатии. Ты видимо скоро заканчиваешь свое зарубежное обучение и теперь демонстрируешь свою «профпригодность» (может по заказу). Но по всему видать, такие как ты никогда не будут в оппозиции.

  4. Галым Агелеуов

    То что оппозиционные партии слабо работают с людьми — это не откровение, но говорить, что они пустобрёхи — глупость. Приди и выступи, заработай авторитет своим трудом и делами. Гражданское общество создаётся в условиях свободы слова, собраний и митингов. Как только оппозиция добъётся этого начнётся открытый демократический процесс. Кто виноват в том, что это не стало одной из важнейших задач власти. Кто-то, пытается добиться правды, кто-то реализует своё честолюбие, но кто-то идёт первым, а когда множество мелких ручейков превращаются в полноводную реку, тогда начнутся уже институциональные реформы. Пусть каждый спросит себя, может ли он стать этим началом...". Да, оппозиция засиделась, но дала ли ей власть реализоваться? Не тешите ли вы себя иллюзией, будучи за границей, что если бы были Вы, то ситуация была бы другой? Делайте и не бойтесь, если знаете, что надо делать, а заявления на уровне курсовой работы, что такое хорошо, а что такое плохо...лучше не делайте, тем более, не обвиняйте Аблязова, Джакишева, только суд вправе это делать, независимый и свободный.

  5. Anonymous

    Галеке, оппозиция проигрывает. потому что 90 процентов там контролируются из Ак Орды, на худой конец из КНБ. А такие чудики как вы... хорошо что вы гуманитарий и преподаватель. Вот ТЭЦ или партийную печать вам доверять опасно. Потому что... вы чудик. Без обид...

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