Places of vermin profit


Balance reports is the same thing as war summaries: details are right, but generally is bullshit

Michael Shiff

Common people live in Kazakhstan, and their majority could prefer to raise money by honest way, if only it takes a lot of time. In addition, fairytale about American dream, when person can obtain everything by himself, has no friendly environment here. To became truly rich (huge apartment, country house, expensive car and money to entertain and travel) , you need connections or skill to steal. Theoretically, you need both.

2009 10 08On macro level the main place to get the money is called power. But it is too general definition, something like oecumene. That’s why it is needed to observe it at least by mainland and subcontinents.

Oil and gas sector is representing the most abundant mainland, by potential incomes. However, everything there is very much differentiated. You could zealously study in a university, and then eat dust on rigs for decades. You salary, of course, will be ten times more compared to qualified construction engineer, but you should say bye to pretentions on wealthy life; only prosperity level.

Or, you can see oil rigs and pipelines only in booklets and on exhibitions like KIOGE, and struggle to choose among your properties in the foothills of Almaty, on the shore of Issyk-Kol in Kyrgyzstan, on Canary Islands in Spain and near Kushadasy in Turkey. We now speak not about pure businessmen, but about top management of state company KazMunaiGaz or high-ranked official of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Scheme of their income is forming by getting a share from oil dollars flow, which, with their help, is avoiding national budget.

On oil and gas mainland, occasional people among rich are reside only in those segments, where wide or unique knowledge is needed. On positions of black gold salesmen and distribution of contracts there are no such people. Everybody have a powerful patron on the top, which are called on local slang “the roof”. In truth, there are far less interesting places from the point of corrupted income than people who wish to obtain it. Sometimes rivalry is shaping into horrible confrontations. Which is a small wonder in a place, where somebody getting rich not together with a country, but by its account.

One of my familiars, working (if I could say so) in the department of oil company, spending 1 month on his job (in period of budget processing), 1 month on vacation, and spending the rest 10 to struggle those who tooth and nail to push him from the post. From the point of economical logics this structure can be decreased for about four times, and it will take no effect on company’s effectiveness. But places unnecessary from the point of economical process are critically necessary to some people. And they fighting for it to the last drop of blood. “You can’t even imagine what kind of turd they are”, he noted inly.

The mainland of headquarters of the government: it has not less reach people than in oil and gas, but even so they have fewer calibers in super-profits. Besides plundering of budget, the other source of vermin profits is creating artificial monopolies, assistance in avoiding taxes for big business, maintenance of rates on baseless level.

Working in local government bodies is also creating good conditions for corrupted income. In fact, regions and cities are not equal between each other. It is something like archipelago, where some islands are huge and reach, and others are smaller and poorer. But until you have possibilities to undersign contracts, in which plastic police booth is evaluated for $5000, and patch road works can be compared with covering the road with handmade Persian carpet, then profit thirsty persons will try to find a job in local governmental bodies.

Mining and metallurgical integrated works plants are also a mainland of money and interests of corrupted people, but nevertheless it is objectively smaller and poorer than oil and gas sector. Copper, zink, gold, iron and coal have no such rates of super-profits, which could be supplied by price waves on black gold and blue fuel. Let we don’t consider the fact, that no comparable sum been laundered on the way of Atyrau refinery modernization than some of metallurgy plant, this mainland has also enough amount of money. And after amounts of stealage in uranium industry were discovered, we can conclude that corruption potential in metals field was underestimated.

Rail transit is more of an island. Let the corruption in it is integral, only high-ranked railway officials can be called rich. Conductor and even crew chief is not a level. Besides, in vertically integral corruption system they were forced to send up the share of illegal income to higher hierarchy. But the top of railways pyramid is running the money in extremely huge amounts, which are avoiding governmental pocket.

Samruk Kazyna state owned holdings and its various departments is in the crossfire of vermin influence. From one side, those have the share in it, who are appropriating governmental funds on various projects and programmes, and from the other, phenomenon of hypertrophycally high-paid unnecessary posts is hugely represented. Virtually tenth of people became reach there on the only basis that there is no political will to clean spare staff. That’s why the flying words “no matter how much you work, there is another person, who work less but has much more salary” is implemented in Samruk Kazyna and its daughter departments in maximum scale.

The mainland of law enforcing structures, special services, prosecutor’s office and court system is somehow specific. There are allegedly no goods can be produced and no access to republic and local budgets, as common top-authorities has. Instead, this is the place, where you can clearly understand that redistribution of property is profitable. The freedom of man is too a resource, which can be converted in round amount.

To start corporate raid against an enterprise, land or estate, you have to get support from police (including financial), prosecutors and court. Alias they are needed to hold actual property from rivaling predators. In recent times, KNB has also actively joined redistribution of property (for instance, spirit plant in Taraz). Scandal with buying artillery for the army is demonstrating that in military structures there is something to steal too. Thus, poor army officer’s salaries and multi-million stealage are not mutually exclusive factors, but cooperationg.

The struggle against vermin elements on state services and in governmental sector is waged dotty. In other words, some personalities are going from cozy rooms to prison cells, but there are no system changes. In addition, often innocent or incorrectly accused people are judged which is making stealage of state money more a lottery. Participating in such lottery, ones are stealing and hoping that they would avoid prison, and others are holding on their useless posts and making efforts to protect it from axe.


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    Нехилый разбор. Особенно про Самку понравилось: )))

  2. 88

    Все точно, молодец, автор. Следовало также добавить, что трайбализм является во всей этой кухне не последним моментом….

  3. Злой

    согласен с автором. Сам работаю в САМКЕ и при сокращении 100 человек весной, сократил бы еще человек 50. Реально работают 25-30 человек, остальные балласт. Они блатные священные коровы, но мозгов как у одноклеточных.

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    «Певый закон Тодда: Не важно, что вам говорят — вам говорят не всю правду. Не важно, о чем говорят — речь всегда идет о деньгах.

    При равных шансах — ты проигрываешь».

    Мудро. И целиком — про нас. Правда, ктонить видел эти самые «равные шансы», хотя бы равные? Или надо было чаще на комсомольских собраниях выступать — сейчас бы мотался бы всему свету, особняки проверял и проветривал. А может глупость всё это — партактивность в прошлом, и т.н. активная жизненная позиция ныне? Речь всегда идет о деньгах. А деньги — грязь, чистые — слазь! Скушно, девушки... Но аффтар прав в своем логическом посыле: лучшие жизненные силы уходя на борьбу за место под солнцем, а потом оказыается, что это не солнце вовсе, а лампа в инкубаторе. И от этого жить еще страшней потому, что придется жить ... как все.

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    Но жить то надо! Вопрос в том , как? Каждый сам может выбрать, либр быть паразитом, либо попытаться исправить ситуацию.

    Впрочем даже в этих условиях можно оставаться порядочным и это самое важное. Как сказал Абай: «Важно не, чего ты достиг в жизни, важно — как ты этого достиг.»

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    А про силовиков — в точку

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    еще бы добавить — рыба начинает гнить с ..............

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    ...с пизды...

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    Обидно, что на всяких бюджетных деньгах люди делают миллионы. А те кто пашет и пашет ничег практически не миеют. Ну хот ябы налогами не душили. Дали бы лет пять без налогов поработать...