Kazakhstani market happened to be destructive


When we have floored, we can only look upwards


Market relation came on Kazakhstani kindly soil in terms of civil conscience, because plan system has cemented economy until complete list of mobility and meaning. Virtually people had everything needed, although bad quality and not where it was really demanded. People didn’t welcome plan idiocy but wanted reasonable capitalism; but didn’t have it either.

2009 10 15 DestruktMarket is subjective law of income, so the main thing is shortcut to maximum profits. Basically any person is aspired to gain maximum wanted result with minimal expenses, but everybody had not has this ability. Not only in the West is all of this limited through system formed by decades: labour unions and rights of employees, anti-monopoly legislation, protectionism fences.

Kazakhstan of first independent years made everything from zero, without near-market structure and legislation. That means there was no system of inter-compensations and balance arms. As the result, most powerful and active won the market. They proved by practice, that market could happen to be even destructive, apart from constructive. As many learned from schoolbooks or heard on how market in due season killed agriculture in Britain and weaving industry in India. But now you can feel this effect on yourself, by experience.

Market implementation in Kazakhstan was more like pegging and registering of gold fields in Klondike. Gold is already there – only peg sticks and run to the office. The country was farced with goods, and by the laws of profit first it was required to overtake realty and movables; then to seize finance and its flows, to conquer economical and political machines of the country to pump up resources on all levels. Increasing of production is then, when everything easy would be depleted.

Mining sector is almost only thing over the industry, which could sustain in those bad years. Besides it, everything was exported to China, from hovercrafts and military-purposed copper cable until machines and phosphor-making equipment.

Everything further was by scheme. If to import and sell foreign consumer goods, than to invest in own production – it took all niche. It is more profitable to give and take bribes, than to live honestly, it would be rise of corruption. It is more profitable to sell liqueurs, tobacco and drugs, than to ban it for real – their sales grew up. Philip Morris tobacco plant in Kazakhstan is one of a few processing plants which were established in 90’s. However, it’s establishment here is regular.

Market in the republic happened to be as single ring for all categories of boxers. As the result, heavy-weights won everybody on it, except truly dwarfish participants, which are hard to hit due to their small size (passing any administration network).

The market suppressed domestic production with more cheap and established imported goods. It kicked out the most active, clever and adventurous from production field – into business, politics, governmental services, crime and migration. The market formed up an immoral psychology of consuming culture and economical success.

The laws of market are acting in such way: first, everything with is for free, then everything most profitable, and only then – less profitable. Now Kazakhstan seemingly came to a phase, when it is time to tackle the problem; but the system is already built in destructive way.

Decryption. Monopoly pricing is profitable to monopolists, because there’s no other that can be higher. Agricultural industry, excluding crops production, is in deep decadence. Generally, cows and sheep are being pastured, but economy model, in which they are built-in, is far from modern. Quality of high- and higher-schools is ruined, because it was too expensive to keep and promote. And now, it’s impossible to move forward without it, because foreign specialists, together with those who studied abroad, couldn’t handle anything by their own.

When everybody had the impression, that crisis came along to our land and for long time, the government seemingly had started to move. Major authorities started to make public confessions, that disrespect to labour is the way to nowhere. Commissions and round tables had started to be organized on subject of how to help production and non-crude sectors of economy. And then oil prices started to grow up, and all of the activities from the government felled down like poked balloon. A light of false hope had started to shine again, that they could sell crude oil and would get everything. Highest governmental authorities believe in this, and that means that political willingness to make fundamental changes died out, whilst never getting powerful impulse.

The abundance of money, that ruling elite have is killing perception of the importance. When in blockaded Leningrad thieves and jobbers were shot, that was easier, because necessity of hard measures was supported by demands of war, survival and victory. But in present position the situation is perceived in such way: everything is ok now, we would handle hard thing later, when we would feel heat. In the meantime, “then” and “tomorrow” could never come. Nowadays among numbers of developed countries “everybody’s running”.

How on earth the structure of society consisting of authorities, policemen, traders, bandits, whores, pimps, guards, controllers, drivers, stockmen, lawyers, and accountants could compete with those, which has high share of engineers, technologists, logisticians, constructors, scientists and marketologists? Even despite the fact that the majority of our bankers are cheaters and there are almost none of reliable attorneys.

Modern Kazakhstan has virtually taken place between countries of the third world. At least, there are too many typical indicators that can be observed with naked eye. Any state employee is not a friend and even compatriot to common people – they both have different interests and tasks. There is no law in Kazakhstan – it was declared but doesn’t exist. Local automotive industry is critically typical: combination of most expensive cars with plenty of rusty ancient ones. Insignificant and shameful salaries above all. Abundance of natural resources along with undeveloped industries and general poverty. Emigration of qualified human resources. Scales of drug-dealing. Longevity of life. Virtually, I could be continued forever.

To underline: time is not in our favour. The historians, while studying the end of Roman Empire, often remarking: if to confiscate big properties to the benefit of the state, increase discipline in state machine, carry additional mobilization in army – the system would have been sustain. But it gave up. And nobody did. Don’t be afraid of commonness – their truth is tested with times.


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    Абакшин жжот как из агнимета! Жми братишка!

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    Что ото мне подсказывает, что дело даже не деструктивности... а в полном отсутствиии ума и логики

  3. Toshi Tanaka

    I think what your president should do is to fire all authorities and to put men of honour on their places. That's the only possible decision, despite civil war

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    Не надо кричать про волков. Мы сами волки