A striped dish

By Meirzhan BULTAY

Sardonic saying “Maybe you should be given everything on dish with blue stripes” has always been addressed to those, who gave voice to their groundlessly overestimated pretentions. However, either open irony or accusation wouldn’t stop people from hegemonic pretentions. More than that, they are continuing to give hopes seeking to one, which would finally bring desirable on that very dish.

2009 11 08Basically, partly there is nothing wrong with overestimated ambitions; of course, in case when these ambitions are supported by specific deeds, aimed to reach the goal. For instance, when child stating to become smart and strong, then starting to hit the study and engaging himself in sporting activities. Such lad is pride and joy of the parents and hold up as an example to other children by teachers.

Mature people are the other thing. Became skilled in intrigues and infamies, people with overestimated pretensions wouldn’t stop in front of anything to get hold of desired. And sometimes their attempt to satisfy their own ambitions turn out to be catastrophic not for single person but in scales of no less than single country.

Everything goes into play – from banal personal connections and money to international scale scandal, uncovering some unpleasant anecdotal particularities from daily practice of acting powers. Loud statements, blaming authorities in illegal actions, involvement of international community, blackmailing with cases of dirt are common components of ambitions to power.

Properly such considerations ex-ambassador of Kazakhstan in Austria Rakhat Aliev is still fizzling to return to home country. Punishment for felony accuses, impatiently waiting for him at home, is the second question, not really important for him; more of that, Aliev is planning to return to the country. In truth, not in proud desolation and, all the more so, accompanied by law-enforcing officers, performing extradition of the criminal. This man has completely different plans.

Besides, Aliev told of his main goal multiple times: he is making no secret about his leader ambitions and passionate desire to take post of the president. That’s just why he chose Europe instead of Middle East, for instance (where, by the way, Aliev has relatives). Europe, intent to principally give sanctuary for fugitive regime extirpators from developing countries, established on the territories of former Soviet Union, hosting “guests” from two countries, Russia and Kazakhstan, with specific pleasure.

This is easily explainable. Countries of European Union are hugely dependable from Russian energy resources, which is brightly indicated during recent years. More than a half of European power is imported from Russia. And it is completely understandable, that a young country, eating out of mature and clever partner’s hands, would be much more suitable in such energy relations. Present Russia, however, is able to dictate conditions, oppose and making no secret of its pretensions and ambitions on well-deserved place of great nation in the world, is clearly unsuitable to those who addicted to Russian energy.

And that’s the reason why Europe recently started to show keen interest in Central Asian region, and in the first place – to Kazakhstan, reach with natural resources. It is no secret that EU is looking on Kazakhstan as the potential source of energy to get rid of Russian dependency. And that’s why Rakhat Aliev, positioning himself as extirpator against authoritarian regime and protagonist of democracy was initially a very desirable guest in Austrian capital.

For fairness sake it is worth to mark that among things for which Europe was so hospitable and glad to give harbor for Aliev, was his continuous tales about a case full of dirt against all elite of Kazakhstan, including first persons. Taking in account that he had access to all secrets of Kazakhstan (in time of working in national security) during a few years, nobody had doubts about presence of this sacred case.

In truth, Europe has some doubts now. Both in “opposition” of Aliev (too much dirt about him has been uncovered yet on Austrian ground) and in presence of classified documents. In fact, Aliev is only promising to uncover these documents; however, his promises never given practice yet. Nevertheless, it can be supposed that sacred case would emerge again, and not only once; in truth, now on Aliev’s negotiations with European countries, which could guarantee safeness and non-extradition in hands of Kazakhstani justice in exchange of effective levers to press on Kazakhstan. He could easily start dealing for the freedom on European territory to ask them to simply delete the list of his dirty deeds there.

But seem that the main goal, on which Aliev is ready to bet everything is, oddly enough on the first look, is return to the homeland. Not so simple, but under safe cover of European protection, dressed in white and wearing laureate wreath. Recalling velvet revolutions happened in neighbor countries in recent years (Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyz Republic), in which an external trail is well traced, Aliev can hope that Europe, desiring the resources, can help to make such scenario in Kazakhstan. And he himself could kindly agree to head this velvet revolution movement and then, given the rights, let it be so, the chieftain of the revolution, will take the throne in a golden palace – presidential chair in Ak-Orda.

But hardly Europe, even suffering from the lack of energy, would agree to support the criminal (now even in international scale), who changing his political mind with the quickness of chameleon. Yesterday he was loyal adherent of the president of Kazakhstan, and today blaming his former patron in all deadly sins, starting very near to the Great Flood. Europe, in its turn, needs guarantees, which it will never receive from unmanageable person. Even more so, Aliev, as well as the true Kazakhstani opposition, can’t propose alternative way of country’s development, concentrating its oppositionism on a meaningless barking on acting power. Whereas Kazakhstan in its present condition, politically and economically stabile, dominating in the region and influencing its uneasy neighbors and actively keeping safe situation in Central Asia, is much more suitable and profitable for Europe.


  1. Douglas

    A typical story for the developing country. And typical editing in such conditions. You're not first nor last.

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    Дуглас кажись прав: ))))

  3. Darcy

    Douglas, are you saying that such things happen in Afghanistan and Iraq? : )))

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    Шоразик уже не наш человек. Жалко человека,

  6. Очень даже прикольно. Особенно третья.