A trap for Aliev

By MeirzhanBULTAY (Prague)

For those Kazakh journalists, who by virtue of number of consequences allowing themselves straight opposition to everything happening within the country, salting an open wound under the nickname Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan (DCK) in anniversary of establishment of this social movement in political space of our country, became a habit. And it is again, memories been recalled as soon as eights anniversary appeared of the thing, which in some circles is considered as invalid coup attempt, while other are coming to feeling, that in this coup virtually everything had absolutely not that honorable and unselfish rush, but had been driven by more close-to-ground motivations. This time straightly oppositional journalists (who are still believe in Kazhegeldin) of Azattyk radio station, in connection with overwhelming nostalgia about Democratic Chice of Kazakhstan political party of 2001 model, took out and put Rakhat Aliev in front of microphone, hero of the eight-year-old occasion of some sorts. As the journalist, who made production of the interview on Azattyk radio website, stated, initially they planned to salt an open wound in the composition of impressive delegation, which would open discussion about DCK in virtual mode. In such case not less than Rakhat Aliev would appear on the onу side of the barrier, and anyone who can take the trouble on the other side would be granted to dirt him, starting from partaigenosse Abilov.

2000 11 24 Zirko genvarya

(on picture: on snowy January of 2002 famous “circus” meeting of “democratic society”under the auspices of ВСЛ and former owner of the building Mukhtar Ablyazov took place there)

However, Kazakhstani opposition in its mass declined to meet Aliev even on virtual ground (where you actually don’t meet anybody, but sitting in a chair, drinking coffee and typing captious questions), seemingly because of fear of Astana displeasure and corridor slanders: something like “oh, they met this prick once again, dirt You-Know-Who altogether”.

Thus, only Rakhat Aliev got into reporter’s hands, who gave testimony concerning November 2001 Case circumstances. We have no intensions to quote his incoherent fantasies, but only give short retelling of outcast’s version.

So, Rakhat Aliev is assured or trying to assure the reporter who is sold cause to Kazhegeldin, that DCK is a benefit of strategic way of thinking of now-deceased Altynbek Sarsenbayev, who thought of creating analogy of Russian Union of Right Wing Forces in Kazakhstan. The idea was approved, and Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan was granted right to exist. On this very much to the point Rakhat failed somewhere (motivations of characters over Aliev’s version were not included at all), and that’s the reason why newly-established DCK was set on him, using mass-media and parliament tribune.

The attack was successful – Aliev was appointed on ambassador’s post in Austria, and You-Know-Who started to demolish DCK. At this point a quote, characterizing this entire phantasmagoria after the real events, couldn’t be avoided: “the other question, that president Nazarbayev on some moment couldn’t handle this movement, and in connection with this he aimed his influence and power to set themselves against each other…” Frankly, we see Mordor and the eye of Sauron, which is ruling DCK leaders’ minds, forcing them to eat each other in political struggle. Just why, with all unprecedented possibilities, initial control over politicians behavior was lost – is unclear.

Assuming our own version as commentary in common line of what happened in 2001.

DCK was really could be established as political project by Altynbek Sarsenbayev. At least, the whole idea to reach significant targets through political field, which are more to concern huge finance, is quite could belong to him. To November 2001 there was threatening situation appeared in field of large businesses of Kazakhstan – the most attractive objects were might go under control of formerly considered as almighty deputy of the chair of CNS Rakhat Aliev. Appropriate proposals, as it are known from press of those times and memoirs of particular participants of those events, were received by Mukhtar Ablyazov, the owner of Turan_alem Bank, and Nurzhan Subkhanberdin from Kazkommertsbank. Galymzhan Zhakiyanov, being mayor of Pavlodar district, in his stand tried to counterstand Aliev’s stranglehold on vodka market. In short, begun to enjoy as early as in fiscal policy times, in KNS Rakhat Aliev continued what was started unrestrained corporate raid with gargantuan speeds. The first string of Democratic Choice is confirming version that this political union was established to protect interests of clearly financial nature. It’s obscurely, why such way was chosen instead of traditional subject complaint letter; but obviously there is an explanation for this.

Following fate of DCK – means right after Aliev’s resignation and sending him as ambassador to Vienna – only confirms what was said. The public association in the initial string never made it into a party; moreover, a group appeared inside it, which went by “its own way”. At the end, DCK became a shelter for the only true radical in his view Galymzhan Zhakiyanov, as long as the result, the association was captured by Ablyazov (for that reason, frankly, it fell to the closure of party, which was after all established on the basis of Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan public association, but what you wouldn’t do for your own ambitious plans). If people, who established DCK, meant particularly struggle for power and party as the main instrument for it, then we wouldn’t witness split of the organization less than half-a-year after its establishment.

Returning to Aliev and his “honest confession” to the reporter of Azattyk radio, it is only left to commiserate those, who still believe to revelations of Vienna outcast. Judging by the number of stipulations even in the interview, which we now discussing, let alone the enormous factual inaccuracies in other writings of Aliev, it is understandable how little this man knew about what was happening around him. He even flounder in the priorities of happened events, stating that, for instance, famous television proclamation of deputy Toktasynov concerning owners of CTC television channel sounded like an answer on his aspiration to appear before parliament. In sober fact, a spring of trap called Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan, in which Aliev slap-banged, started to release from this proclamation. His whimper, retranslated by CTC channel writhing in hysterics for a few days, was heard by the all country.

It sounded like farewell. Soon Aliev left the country and went to Vienna. There still he lives…


  1. Anonymous

    Очень трезвый материал. Так оно и было. Всей кампанией тогда вышли против Рохи

  2. Первый состав «Демократического выбора» подтверждает версию о том, что политическое объединение было создано для защиты интересов чисто финансового характера. Непонятно, почему был избран именно такой путь, а не традиционное подметное письмо с жалобами, но какое-то этому объяснение наверняка есть.


    Золотые слова!

  3. Anonymous

    А Азаттык это совсем не казахстанские журналисты по большому счету.

  4. кики

    Азаттык — это нагыз казахские журналисты.

  5. Darcy

    Could anyone tell what's the story behind this? What was with DCK and mentioned presons?

  6. Eric

    Darcy, in short — the first DCK meeting held place in Almaty State Circuit, that's why it was named after it. i was somehow considered as a coup attempt by the top authorities. The key members of DCK was then pursued by the govermnent, facing trials, imprisonment and even death.

    Sarsenbayev was killed, probably by order from above.

    Zhakiyanov asked french embassy to give him political asylum, but after a while they extraditioned him from embassy building by the request of local law enforcers.

    Ablyazov was imprisoned for a few years, but then appealed for pardon, which was signed by the president himself; however, he is the person who is partially responsible for Turan Alem Bank scandal and ran from the country like Aliev did.

  7. Anonymous

    Азаттык — это нагыз казахские журналисты.


    Дура ты Кики. Это если и казахские журналисты. то продажные журналисты. Но в отличие отт отчественных они продались инотсранцам