Aborted report of Aliev


Today Rakhat Aliev is establishing himself reputation of irreconcilable regime fighter by all possible means. However, sadly clauses are happening even in this propaganda of his.

2009 11 26Thus, Rakhat Aliev stated to Azattyk radio, that some time ago he wanted to appear before Mazhilis (lower chamber of Kazakh parliament) and to tell all truth about criminal structures and governmental officials’ contacts. He even prepared a report.

His version of the whole story is appearing in such manner: “at that situation I wanted to address about situation in Kazakhstan, about criminal structure connections with the top of the power; about how merging of state machine with criminal structures is happening, about corruption among state officials – about everything, particularly about supremacy of the law”

I prepared a report. But unfortunately it wasn’t agreed with Nazarbayev. I coordinated possibility of my appearance with my immediate superior, Tazhin, and with chairman of Mazhilis Tuyakbay.

But unfortunately, it was pretty turbulent developments of all those events. I couldn’t report with that report in Mazhilis. Then the situation became so red-hot, that Nazarbayev himself got involved into our conversations, which took part in the old residence. Given both family relationship, personal and other, I didn’t went to the end and stopped on this step.

Great story.

But it is worth to remind, that the story with “report on corruption in top echelons of power” was connected with resignation of Rakhat Aliev from post of first deputy of National Security Committee Chair of 15 November 2001, which happened after request from Mazhilisman Tolegen Toktasynov to establish true owners of Khabar JSC, and his speeches against Rakhat Aliev’s control over media-sphere. This case touched upon Rakhat himself, and that’s where he became nervous. This “corruption report”, with which he allegedly intended to appear before Mazhilis, and then Rakhat applied resignation request, then tried to retract it, but it was already signed by the president.

On the next day, on 16 November 2001, Caravan newspaper was not issued and CTC television channel stopped working, and Gulshat Alieva settled press-conference even as far as in Lebanon, where she asked American law companies to protect her brother.

ut on 17 of November 2001, as soon as Rakhat Aliev got the post of deputy of head of President’s safeguard service, the situation was momentary solved, CTC TV started working, Aliev renounced from begs for help to American lawyers. Report on corruption was immediately forgotten and never came to surface again. Right after this new Aliev’s corporate raid campaign was started, when he tried to bereave Turan Alem Bank, tried to overtake vodka products market, tried to confuse his men in board of Kazcommertsbank and to take a piece of oil market. This very corporate raid campaign, in between the end of 2001 and beginning of 2002, then lead to union over part of Kazakhstani elite around Mukhtar Ablyazov and establishment of DCK.

The case turns out astonishingly. Allegedly Rakhat Aliev has some kind of report about corruption. But the main battle is going around mass-media and his personal posts, and at that the posts are much more important. Timing of events is too amazing. As soon as Rakhat got new assignment, the struggle around CTC and other parts of Aliev’s media empire stopped immediately. The report then was never mentioned.

Rakhat was going to expose corruption in top echelons of power, but after assignment on deputy of the head of Safeguard Service of President post was heavily engaged in corporate raid. And in such way, that he offended the majority of elite against himself. Raider was going to expose corruption? That is absolutely beyond the truth.

This corruption report, which Aliev was hindered to read in Mazhilis, is fiction from the beginning to the end, and it never was actually. This was specious excuse sorted in haste to hide the inside of the conflict, in which Rakhat fought for posts and assets but no for the democracy, from society.

Even if this report existed, even if to suggest that Rakhat really conceive a passion to fight corruption not for long (this is something impossible to believe, but acceptable as a version), then it is worth to point the attention on cowardice and infirmity of Rakhat. Family and personal relationship has taken over his all principles. He never tried to assure the president in substantial political importance of the report for Kazakhstan, but instead he just ceded. You couldn’t fight corruption with such weak character. This story about aborted report not only not enforced Rakhat’s reputation as the fighter for freedom and democracy, but also seriously hurt it. After all, one should think on what and how to talk about.

This story with aborted report could be forgotten, and this story would be familiar only to figures or especially informed experts of political history. But Rakhat now has no special choice, and he now collects all rumors and stories only to solid his oppositional reputation. But unfortunately, nothing is helpful to him. He has such compromising biography, than even in attempts to tell something good about himself, Rakhat can’t stop murder to will out.


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    Тэгг «психодиагностика» прямо в жилу: )))

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    ...Можа не в жилу. а прямо в ж...?

  3. opieoilman

    He seems to be a person who just overlooked and overestimated his political weight and own abilities and skills. Now EU nursing him

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    Про Рахата можно снять блокбастер-драму. Удивительная судьба маленького, никчемного человека

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    И где Роха бедненький справлял свой Новый Год?

  6. желаю мешок денег в новом году ))

  7. Народ в таких вот случаях говорит — Ах, ах, а пособить нечем. :)