Sex industrial Bishkek


Spring came to Bishkek. Women and flowers are in blossom. I’m standing on road side, but sharply feeling the smell of fresh apricot trees. In all things a man here breathes ozone almost in any side of the city. But hardly anybody would move from southern capital of Kazakhstan to Kyrgyz capital for the sake of breathing fresh air. But for sex services – is completely other business.

2010 04 05 bishkek-at-nightBishkek is the city of paradoxes. Locals are saying than in 2009 the crisis came to the city in a full scale. At that construction of elite (by measures of this metropolis) estates are continuing. There are few explanations to this phenomenon. On one side apartments are not business, it is uneasy to take away. On the other, even in last year migrant workers from Russia transacted only through banks and various Western Union more than one billion US dollars. That means only the amount that officially exceeding the state budget. Also it is worth to consider local authorities’ feature – if you are in power, then you have as much relatives as there are grains in sand. For that reason you always have somebody to register an estate. And for the future of “green ticket” here they are worrying more and more, preferring to have something more reliable than colored funny money.

Another Bishkek paradox is situation over sex-industry. Poverty is pushing large amounts of women and young girls on the turf. There are lots of the workers from country side, because the capital is the only really big city all over the country, where you can fell yourself anonymous. Joy therapists themselves are stating that from 25 to 50 per cent of Bishkek women are descending such earnings constantly or from time to time: even if to consider these figures as overestimated it is still alot.

In the same time a mass of joy houses suffering from deficit of workers. The thing is than there are too much of various working places for primordial profession representatives. As the result, prostitutes have the opportunity to choose the most comfortable working conditions (share from client’s fee, working regime etc.).

Whatever the outcome it happens that Bishkek is sex-industry capital of post-soviet Central Asia by measures of value for money. It a little bit ceding to Almaty, especially in exotics section, however only little bit. On the other side, after Bishkek Cyprians many people can’t exploit services of their colleagues in southern capital of Kazakhstan because of the feeling that you just been robbed.

The situation with local bars is analogical. There is now no choice at all about casinos. Either you are going to such an institution in Bishkek, or you sneaking like a guerilla in one in Almaty: sneaking in backstreet casino to leave your own money there. Generally, Kyrgyz sin has much more civilized appearance. There, if family would as, then patresfamilias gambling addict will be included in special black list and banned from roulette and other necessaries. Those who coming to casinos to won and succeed are immediately included in black list of that place where they hit the jackpot. They no more allowed to the place. There are only 5-6 proper casinos over whole capital of Kyrgyzstan, therefore if you are terribly lucky, than the resource of gambling houses is very low. If however you are not winner but looser, then only one place is enough for any sums.

Lower price cap, from which it is possible safely invest into pleasures to some extent, starting from 1000 soms (approximately 30 US dollars) per hour. This is in case if you came to a hot spot by yourself and knocked in door. By any of such questions it is possible to as taxi drivers. If suddenly some taxi driver has no idea whatsoever, then try next. If three taxi drivers in the center of Bishkek one by one wouldn’t suggest you something worthy by such leisure profile, that means the country started to live in a new social economical dimension.

In central hotel a hour of love worth anything from 2000 soms. The price in decent saunas is the same. Women of nights usually working in specialized teams. Ones are in apartments 2010 04 05 night-claband joy houses; others are in hotels, thirds – in saunas. Some could be called on rented apartments. There are also multi-profile joy therapists, but you probably wouldn’t find any for the first time.

Rules of engagement with prostitutes are simple and not complicated. You can play up choosing an object, but not too much. Generally a sense of proportion is a gift of fate, which can’t be compensated by any other gift. Money is paid in advance. If you paid for two hours, but during the time wished to extend for another hour, then additional money first and after it get additional hour.

Girls priced from 3000 soms per hour not only have beautiful bodies and healthy, but fine minded and acting qualities. All of that can be encountered in 2000 soms price bracket, but for 3000 it must be for sure. Like nasty and blushless – they will be so; need intellectual communications – will get it; asked to be silent – will not speak. But you can’t hit prostitute (means not in love games, but like on the street or in unhappy family life). Prostitute “managers” wouldn’t probably beat you, but it will be necessary to pay for caused moral and material hurt for all it is worth. For that reason before visiting such places try to drink alcohol moderately to control your actions.

Observe hygienic and safety rules. For instance, demand of sexual transaction without condom is improper if night woman already said “no”. If the question depends of sum, than you’ll be noticed about that. The same story with anal sex. If you are from Almaty, then do not make terms – don’t embarrass you home city. Money in Bishkek are obviously wasting, and quite rapidly. But wasting coefficient is minimum 2-3 times less than in similar niche in our metropolis.

Witnessing poverty on the streets, prices level in stores related to average salary, you unwillingly asking yourself a question – what money are making such range of middle and high segments of sex-industry. Prostitutes are answering that the main money is in hands of the police and “black”. By “black” they mean Chechen and the rest of Caucasian ethnicities, who making money on drugs, weapons and other criminal. Except for slavery turnover felled down many times, because people became more advised and careful.

Concerning law enforcers, then from a hot spot placed in apartments of multistory house following law-enforcement agencies are taking their share per one working day: Patrol and Post Service, neighbourhood police officer, what is called vice guard police in the West and traffic police. For example, traffic policemen parking their car in front of the building. A suspicious client wouldn’t go to prostitutes through such cordon. Madame assistant coming outdoor and giving villains their corrupted income. Then traffic police officers are going to sauna to celebrate the end of working day and calling prostitutes. That’s how circulation of vicious money is happening by Bishkek way.

Obviously the list of prostitutes’ clients is not only represented by cops and “black”. There are also authorities, businessmen, tourists. The closer the summer and tourist season – the more tourists in the city. Sex industry of Bishkek is not such tourist-depending as it is on Northern Shore of Issyk-Kol, but this moment for the metropolis is obviously not ordinary.

If you are not very familiar with Kyrgyzstan capital, then you better take a room in normal hotel and use sexual services on its territory. Criminal situation on the streets is worsening all over the last year. Even in the very center of the city with coming of darkness hours one can’t consider himself safe. On the outskirts nobody would guarantee anything 24/7. While older part of Bishkek habitants are nostalgic about USSR, those who younger – about Askar Akaev years behind the wheel, it is possible to invest in pleasure. And it must be done. Only gingerly.


  1. Anonymous

    Первая статья про Это лутче была: )))

  2. Anonymous

    Это что, инструкция по пользованию? Сколько вам заплатили мафиози из Пишпека?????

  3. Юзер. Половой

    Но кризис ударил и по Алма-Ате. В Астане например вообще цены взлетели. Что творится вообще?!

  4. Anonymous

    история насчет чехов и др.категории кавказцев в Бишкеке не приемлема..., только в Бишкеке они ниже травы и тише воды...

    Были моменты всплеска в начале 90-х, но прикрыл лавку Рыспек Акматбаев, который имея за спиной уголовное прошлое выступил против ставленников Азиза Батукаева! Искоренив так называемых «смотрящих» за районами и городами. После гибели Рыспека всплеск кавказцев возник снова (по причине поддержки их Железным Феликсом), но уход Феликса с верхних кругов и активация нового последователя Рыспека — Камчи, установила ситуацию на прежнем уровне!

  5. Anonymous

    Ну древнейшую профессию не сможет никто искоренить! А дать законное процветание можно, путем создания домов с красными фонарями!

    Секс-индустрия в Бишкеке мне до боли знакома, начиная с 1994 года, когда в газете ВБ пестрели объявы «ночная верона», «королева марго», candy shop и мн.другие... Но в те времена красотки были до умопомрачения более красивее и привлекательнее, чем сейчас, большинство из которых провинциалки. Многие героини 90-х годов вышли замуж, сейчас живут и работают в ОАЭ, Турции, Франции (с некоторыми даже поддерживаю контакт).

    В начале 2000 годов объявы об услугах перестали публиковаться в СМИ, все проститутки высыпали на улицы их можно было наблюдать в большом количестве на Алматинка-Горького, Правда-Чуй, Правда-Л.Толстого, Моссовет, Советская-Киевская, Цирк.

    А сейчас все возобновилось и в привычном ритме по газетам, по саунам, по гостиницам..., даже если придешь в сауну со своей подругой, то все равно в ней заподозрят жрицу любви...

  6. Anonymous

    Киргизухи местами ого-го-0го!!!!!

  7. Trew

    я больше по казашкам отлетаю, они трах...ются как последний день живут, да русачки тоже неплохи

  8. Anonymous

    OK!!!!Bishkek women!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    А как счас интересно в Бипшкеке? Тема жива или все мародерствуют?

  10. Anonymous

    Ну наконец английскую выставили... Маловасто у вас стало переводов! А статьи то чудо как хороши!

    ...А в Пишпеке — жопень полная.

  11. Anonymous

    ...А в Пишпеке — жопень полная.


    А почему не «пи * день»???

  12. Ишаев

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  13. magnat

    Под «Черными» они имели в виду не кавказцев, а криминал. Красные — милиция, Черные — криминал.

  14. Anonymous

    Бишке. Бишкек. Бишкек... Ты теперь не будешь прежним

  15. Опять-таки побочная проблема. Вряд ли она кому-нибудь мешает, мне например как то пофиг :)

  16. {Читаю {ваш|этот|} блог, и понимаю, что {ничего|нифига} не понимаю. Все так запутано. :)

  17. реально улет!ждем с нетерпением релиза и будем зажигать!!!!!!

  18. Просто отлично написано! Надобыотметить на БобрДобр. :)

  19. I am a Kazashka girl who travels to Bishkek to play the 'Bad Girl' game very regularly. I have had great fun in Bishkek particularly in the Metro pub, the Hyatt Hotel and the Skybar. I disagree that the majority of men finding 'Bad Girls' are either police or criminals, I think the American contractors from the air base / European businessmen are the biggest group and they are certainly the best in my experience.

    You can see many reports and pictures of my sexy adventures in Bishkek at my website — WWW.SEXYFUN.ASIA