Commercial sex in revolutionary Bishkek


Coups are committed to the deadlock.

Bertolt Brecht

Revolution excites, even if you had nothing from it personally and haven’t suffered within it; last one is not good, of course, but it is unforgettable any way. Bishkek is real post-revolutionary city.

2010 05 24 SlutsIt seems like great liquor warehouse was seized here and drunk without appetizers. So, everybody is drunk but hungry. It’s much more difficult to understand something in the situation, and as it always happens, excessive alcohol consumption causes ...

Bishkek energetics was different from Almaty energetics long before the first tulip revolution. Soviet nine-panel buildings seemed higher in Almaty even at the times of Askar Akayev, although the Kazakhstani metropolis was not built up with a large number of mammoth buildings yet then. If you take the dormitory suburbs of the Kyrgyz’ capital, particularly standard five-story buildings, you’d physically feel the aura poverty then. Analogue suburbs in Almaty are weariness and anxiety (alcoholics, drug addicts, provincial criminals), and the poverty was added in Bishkek.

I forgot how to eat an ice-cream in the streets of that city. I used to go on the street eating ice-cream and see eyes of children walking with their parents. Parents’ eyes show they would like to buy their children an ice-cream also, but they haven’t money. Children look at you with sad and understanding eyes. You see, they want to eat the delicacies also although they clearly know their parents don’t have money, so they don’t ask parents to buy them it.

As usual the situation of poverty drove people to become a streetwalker.

After inadequate Askar Akayev was ousted out from the state management of our south neighbors, Bishkek sank into high dynamics condition. As usual scenario the redistribution of property has happened then. Suddenly, it turned out that the half of all useful in the Kyrgyz’ capital, directly or indirectly controlled by the family of deposed president. Somebody decided to transform its nominal property in real one status, another wanted to seize somebody’s property. There has become more political players as it always happens after the revolution; various criminal foam went at the surface. Principally, it’s complete and total revolutionary pack.

The priestesses of love who worked in the hotels and saunas felt nostalgic for Akayev’s times at the first post-revolutionary year. They did the same at the second one also. The third year system came into balance more or less. Prostitutes referred to the worsening of life in general and their sexuality in particular somewhere during the year before the second tulip revolution, kicked Bakiyev and his many voracious relatives out of the state management.

Global economic crisis pressed too much from the one side: transit trade volumes fell down, Kyrgyzstan clothing production’s demand was shrunk, the flow of tourists was reduced in the Issyk-Kul; on the other side, BAKS’ family (Bakiyev Kurmanbek Salievich) has begun to lose brakes in the process of privatization of state property and deprivation the control of private one. As for officials gang then it’s not less dangerous for local small and middle size business (by Kyrgyz level) as in Kazakhstan. Simply our consumption background is more manured with raw materials incomes, but Kyrgyzstan they have only poor business glades without fertilize.

My last visit to Bishkek was before the second revolution and it left the feeling that the situation is on the very brink. Though, as we know such situation in the East says nothing. The revolution can blow up here as tomorrow, as in five years as well. Life of usual citizens in Taskent much more worse than in Bishkek but Islam Karimov takes his seat a year by year (after Andizhan incident) and as good as cucumber would be. So, after the second tulip revolution act appeared to be everything was understood naturally. It was logically that there were many corpses. Kurmanbek Bakiyev publicly promised to hold his power by all he only might to hold; the list of political murders from his side was already huge even before April incident.

The revolutionary tradition and inertia is very hard thing. BAKS has visited the Dad in Minsk, Bishkek is in new wave of property redistribution. Many were killed but we won’t dramatize the situation. Killers are called for only in the segment of large business where the property redistribution of Bakieyv’s clan is on the way and his clan’s satellites that didn’t catch the train in time as well.

The threat for citizens in Kyrgyz capital is in those who were called myrka in local jargon. It’s people from hopeless province and poor Bishkek suburbs. Robbery is their native element, especially at night. Practically, myrkas cover by its criminal activity whole territory of megalopolis, but it’s more quiet near important city’s objects and buildings and inside them.

By the way, as Bishkek business got great revolutionary vaccination in 2005, it experienced the second act of tulip revolution more quietly than the first one. There are less messed and broken shops, caterings and entertainment centers. Main expenses were made by the Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan borders closing. Our bars were slightly raised but it’s difficult to say when the Dordoy bazaar (The biggest market in Central Asia) will be opened. There are some barriers within the Custom Union also. Uzbekistan holds its borders closing very firmly. Islam Karimov remembers the blow up in Ferghana valley after the first tulip revolution.

Enemies of caretaker government try to swing inter-ethnical tension in Kyrgyzstan. We must give the credits to Kyrgyz people. Local people are full of precaution systems when sober. It’s very dangerous to behave yourself badly in the region where you don’t know what will happen after even a small slaughter. That’s why Thanatos forces usual people to be polite and courteous. The first sign that something is not good is free vodka distribution by doubtful persons with limited appetizers. To be true, Bishkek is under control now and inter-ethnic destabilization is focused in the South regions. Kyrgyz people are getting drunk and are sent to bully Uzbeks in Jalalabad.

Policemen behave themselves in proper way in the streets of the city and it makes sick. The memory of the 2005 year appeared to be very good. Last year of Bakiyev’s ruling policemen became insolent till the level of their Almaty’s colleagues. Though, the second tulip revolution disciplined them. People in blue uniform remembered quickly as they were beaten in squares and back streets. They were beaten sometimes not for they are in the other side of barricades but for old offences made by them to citizens. Such model education for the whole team fully leads to the situation when practically every policeman is polite, well-wishing and friendly.

Post-revolution prices on commercial sex are practically the same as it was before the revolution. To be fair, the purchasing power had decreased. At that the prostitutes are not taking prices down, preferring to work less. Actually, the sex-industry of Bishkek is out on unpaid vacation.

The lower price cap for commercial sex without loosing nerves is 1000 Soms per hour. Recommended are 2 grand. For connoisseurs it’s 3000 Soms per hour. But it is already are in premium category. You can’t actually “be relaxed” in Almaty for such money. I repeat: the girls are not exhausted by professional work and rested for the period of idle time by virtue of revolutionary moves. The relation to the clients on institution’s territories is quivering and kind. You, from your own side, should observe financial discipline. To do so is easy, because all money are paid in advance.

Concerning saunas as places for rest, then there money is paid both in advance and after the end. Everything looks pretty cheap, but when you are stayed there for five hours, smoked kalian and a bottle of pepper vodka with red caviar – the overall will be enough. Do not be lazy, sort out your budget before visiting good places.

In economic class segment the demand has decreased for the reason that many started to prefer to make supplies of products instead spending money on pleasures. Premium class, as it appeared in revolution time, is in many ways been supported on account of multiple international NGO employees, participants of round tables, seminars and trainings, which were held in Bishkek in larger amount. By virtue of force-major everything has been busted on without date. Because of that it is the season for the fans of good and calm sex-experience without many people witnessing. But one should be very careful on the streets.

Revolution is revolution, but if prices are still on the same level then the demand is staying stabile. Rare gunfights on the outskirts of the city can’t really blast commercial sex industry. As historical practice shows, the most harming thing for it is economic devastation and passage to barter relations. The prostitutes love money; and to work for a bag of potatoes is not prostitution – its economical connections of civilization fall period.


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    Секс вечен... как Революция!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ...А Революция горяча... как секс в пятью киргизками в сауне!

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    Ну это слишком. Много киргизок — это барахолка: — ))))

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    А на фоте попа явно не киргизская. Это европейка. У азиаток попы в большинстве своем низковаты, хотя конечно же — есть исключения.

  5. Аслан

    Европейская не европейская!!! Хочу в революционно-сексуальный Пишпегг!!! Сегодня же мчусь. благо граница открыта!

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    А у тебя какая тачила? Случайно не бэха-купе? Может меня захватишь, Аслан? Если конечно один метнешься. Вхожу пополам за наш отдых!

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    Похоже кто то уехал в знойный Бишкек отрубив хвостопадов.

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    ...А Революция горяча... как секс в пятью киргизками в сауне!


    А можна не в сауне. А просто так. На большой и круглой кравати?

  9. Киргизкадунганка


  10. Yes, Bishkek is a very sexy city. Lots of bars and oportunities for us girls to find men for sex and I think the American guys from the airbase and the US / European businessmen and NGO workers are the best.

    You can lots of reports and pictures of my sexy adventures in Bishkek on my website at WWW.SEXYFUN.ASIA

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    Zato, Samye dostypnye eto kaza6ki!

  12. Олег

    Дураки кто пишет нацию. Проститутки есть везде и всех национальностей. По всему быв.СССР и на западе и востоке. Повертье имел многих национ.( в том числе своей — русской) А тот кто написал что много кирг. -ок барахло тому мне жалко своих слюней для плевка. Испачкаются и честь потеряют от его лица. Таких нацианалистов в зоне мы имеле ... Да и на гражданке поимеем

  13. Юля

    I do not think that American guys and US/Europ. workers is best. They are very economic. Best guys is russian and kyrgyz guys. They are open-hand ... If they were richer they will be more generous.

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    Глупые трусишки кто делит на нацию проституток. Где-то их лохонули они и отрываются на наций. Проститутки есть всех национальностей без исключения. Это истина. Они та от нужды занимаются А как о тех богатенких русских, евреев, американок , арабок и жен. всех национальностей которые трахаются и дают деньги за это??? Суки националисты в аду вам гореть