Marketed charity of Swiss court

By Djanibek Baytirov

Recently a tip-off has come to General’s Prosecutor Office in Swtzerland about Timur Kulibaev, a citizen of Kazakhstan, in which he’s been accused in corruption and money structuring. Certain Kazakh oppositionists, suddenly become fans of Swiss justice, are hoping that fair and impartial Swiss prosecutors will do the job and bring Kulibayev to justice (?).

2010 12 272010/12/26 However, the recent years’ events have honeycombed the faith in fairness of Swiss justice. And also that Swiss law-protecting system is the most fair and effective. Alas, it is also been demolished by corruption and political interests, especially in loud and serious affairs. Even Swiss system of public justice is far away from definition of embodiment of justice, especially in deeds closely related to politics. The case of Swiss citizen Carla del Ponte, which was the chief prosecutor of UN International Tribunal on Yugoslavia and Rwanda. Before that she was General Prosecutor of Switzerland and on that basis has earned fame of non-compromise fight against bribery (she even investigated the case of corruption in surrounding of Russian President Boris Yeltzin), the case of Mabetex company, founded by Albanian entrepreneurs), with white-washing funds, drugs traffic and organized crime.

To be honest, her deeds on the post of UN General Prosecutor weren’t successful. She never could sort out the bloody massacre in Rwanda in 1994, when from 500, 000 up to one million people were murdered only in a hundred days. After that failure Karla del Ponte had been involved with Yugoslavia, where participants of violent civil war also weren’t bonded by the rules of engagement. But even there she missed hugely. The main suspect – Slobodan Miloshevich despite his death in jail wasn’t accounted guilty. The international tribunal had never managed to resolve extradition of Ratko Mladich and Radovan Karadzich from Serbia. The long process has ended with resignation of Chief Prosecutro, and since 2007 Karla del Ponte is holding peaceful appointment of Swiss Federation Ambassador in Argentina.

Now though career of iron signora has teeter. After publication of book about her investigations, her meetings with Khashim Tachi, leader of Kosovo Albanians, have popped up. He was too ferocious bad man, who at the moment of meeting Karla del Ponte was under international trial for year, being accused with multiple crimes such as illegal traffic, arms and drugs trade, organizing kidnapping and illegal trade of human organs. There now, the iron signora, simply an incarnation of justice, has descended to handshake with a guy covered in blood. More to that, she clearly realized what Albanians were doing, but started to talk about it only in 2008, after her resign.

Not only with him, however. In 2002 she cconducted a meeting with Ahmed Zakayev, former Chechen brigadier-general, minister of international affairs of Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya, accused by Russia in establishing of illegal armed forces, terrorism and murders of prisoners of war. In 2003 he received status of political refugee in Great Britain.

In 2010 UN International Tribunal on Yugoslavia has started case against... Karla del Ponte herself for tampering with witness, manipulation of testimonies and attempts to tamper with witnesses. Concerning a number of witnesses some truly SS methods were applied: intimidation and sleep deprivation. There are two more prosecutors of tribunal have fell in investigation. It is a serious shift of the case. It is rarely a thing that former General Prosecutor of Switzerland and General Prosecutor of UN International Tribunal have been investigated. It drops a very big spot on all of Swiss system of public justice.

Of course one may talk that Karla del Ponte became a victim of big politics and she was involved in political games around Yugoslavia against her will. But the iron signora had reputation of adamant fighter against international organized crime, has been highly qualified lawyer and had all the opportunities to avoid all the traps of that big politics in Yugoslavian conflict. She, however, as a matter of fact, been in possession of Kosovo Albanians, which made no less crimes that the rest of sides in civil massacre in Yugoslavia and, supposedly did it quite cold blooded. It turns out that the big politics can quite easily stray from faithful path even the most adamant fighters against organized crime.

There are lots of similar examples can be put in. In February 2010 Swiss High Court declined to extradite former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvaliet for 7 million Swiss francs to Republic of Haiti. The court had referred to 15 year term of limitation for the crimes of Duvaliet, which expired in 2001. The judgment was announced a few hours earlier before disastrous earthquake in Haiti.

Switzerland also protects its recently acquired citizen Erwin Johann Sperisen Vernon. This chap, present holder of Swiss, American and Guatemala passports, was chief of Guatemala National Police and been accused by the government of Guatemala for violence and murders of peasants in Nueva Linda village. By the way, it is worth questioning how the chief of Guatemala police managed to get Swiss passport avoiding all quite strict laws. Judging that this is not the only example (to recall for instance Victor Khrapunov), it can be suggested that issuing Swiss passports for wealthy criminals from all over the world in that country is greatly accepted practice.

In June 2010 Swiss court has released on bail of 100, 000 CHF Israeli citizen Gy Janeli, accused in steal of diamonds for 2 million francs. The flavor of the moment is that the court initially required 500, 000 CHF, but because the thief, convicted in participation in robbery by DNA sample, didn’t have that amount of money, the court simply made a 80% discount for him.

In the middle of 2009 the big trial on subject of cigarette mafia, accused in illegal trafficking of cigarettes for 1 billion CHF, has ended. It was serious contraband of cigarettes in Italy connected with Italian mafia, and Italian army managed to demolish this system only after a series of overnight marine battles with smugglers. The case contained 900 volumes of information, however two of smugglers have got conditional sentence, and other two were got absolutory sentences altogether. Among those acquitted is Franko della Torre, who already been under investigation and also acquitted by American justice in the case of selling heroin. The acquitted chaps had got back their fair earned money – around 100 million Swiss francs and even confiscated Porsche.

Finally it’s worth to remind you about Mabetex case, in which iron signora participated. One of the central accused people, Pavel Borodin, has also been freed homewards in 2001 after paying pledge of 5 million francs. In 2002 the case was closed and Borodin had his money back. In 1996 the Swiss court had declared Sergey Mikhailov known under nickname Mikhas and one of the leaders of Solntsevskaya not guilty.

On the other hand the Swiss court is cruel and ruthless on criminals with no money. In 2000 in Switzerland a life sentence has been put in concerning dangerous special criminals. And now please take your seats: Switzer Michael A. sentenced for murdering a prostitute in 2008 for 20 years in jail, after serving punishment must pass through expertise, after which he could be send to forced treatment for yet another 10 years. By all means that person not only once being jailed for sexual assaults is well deserved the rough punishment. But in light of the rest of processes in Switzerland it can be said that if he only had about million CHF, then he would walk out easily. The Swiss legislation is amazingly mild on criminals covered in blood if they have money to buy freedom off.

This is a tradition of Swiss business. Profitable business on blood was made as early as during Second World War. The Nazis transferred 75% of gold stolen in Europe in Switzerland, including golden teeth which Nazis beat out of Jews’ mouths in concentration camps in exchange of Swiss francs, on which Germany bought crude materials to continue the war. For the sake of this business there was a law adopted in 1934, according to which disclosures of information on personality of depositor is considered to be crime. In 1984 73% of the Swiss have voted against restrictions of this law on referendum. Only under powerful pressure Switzerland has recently agreed to some exemptions from those laws, which protecting bloody money from all over the world.

Thus, there is no trust whosoever in honesty and justice of Swiss jurisdiction. Multiple examples showed that a court sentence in such loud cases is predetermined by money: legal fees and amounts of guarantee. In such a way some Kazakhstani citizens in search of justice have referred the wrong address. Nothing can pop out of this blackmail even in case if Kulibayev was really guilty in violations of all the articles of Swiss criminal code. It is strange that Ablyazov has organized this blackmail. Who can know better about that feature of Swiss legislation – marketed charity to criminals? His relative Victor Khrapunov got both passport and protection for the money, and no doubt he will buy off from recently started investigation. It is a bizarre naivety for such a hard-headed businessman. However, the other intent can be suspected here – denunciation in Swiss court is more aimed on propaganda profits… There no point to appeal to Americans, all the more so to British courts.


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    уважаемые, вот сколько времени был советский союз, казахи имели возможность жить и видеть как живут нормальные люди. не в обиду. ну разве вы не знаете, что любой гражданин имеет право в правовых странах подавать иски против лиц, которые имеют активы или недвижимость в этих странах. к сожалению, в мире нет образования, которое может помочь вам. если такие простые вещи вам так трудно понять.

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    Все статьи Андрея Сотника в проекте «Из жизни денег»

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    Swiss was always a tad dull.

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    считаю, что данная публикация заказная и подтверждает правоту Аблязова. Журналист пишет по принципу «Сам такой» или «Держи вора!». Если бы не было правонарушений со стороны Кулибаева, статью просто не имело смысла писать. Чувствую, пахнет жареным