January 2014

Is Aggrieved Party Not Interested In Truth?


The lawyers of the aggrieved party, according to their well khown habit for the journalists, began to ask the questions, which did not relate to the essence of the case under review. Even the Judge, who led the court session with great patience, had to make a reprimand to the lawyer M. Aspandiyarova. ... (Continue reading)

What It Should Be Done? (An Analisys Of a Possible War With China)


Every discussion must lead to a practical purpose. These points of view increase the fear of China, but they not offer anything that could substantial assist for resolving these problems of relation with China. We must conduct an analysis of the issue, which could define the most possible future of China and its ability in policy. Below is presented some theses on this topic. ... (Continue reading)

«Overseas help us»: FBI and Case of Sarsenbayev Murder


The base for review of Utembauev's case is newly discovered facts. There is the Ruslan Ibragimov's application, which had been applied on April 12, 2012. According to this application the Sarsenbayev murder had actually been ordered by Rakhat Aliev and the crime had been managed by Alnur Musaev. ... (Continue reading)