«Overseas help us»: FBI and Case of Sarsenbayev Murder

300114fbiWe will witness of first court session, which is held for the review of the case of Sarsenbayev, Zhuravlev and Baibosyn murder. This court session is probable not the last. At this time the judge of Kaskelen (it is the town near Almaty city) examines Erzhan Utembayev's guilt, who had been sentenced to imprisonment according the accusation in order of triple murder in 2006.

The base for review of Utembauev's case is newly discovered facts. There is the Ruslan Ibragimov's application, which had been applied on April 12, 2012. According to this application the Sarsenbayev murder had actually been ordered by Rakhat Aliev and the crime had been managed by Alnur Musaev. It should be noted that these newly discovered facts have been established with the assistence of FBI agents. We remind that FBI have participated in investigation of murder since 2006. The representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office on the Republik of Kazakhstan asked for an assistance the FBI Headquarters.

The first question is that are our specialists not able to discover the truth, if the officials forced to join the foreign partners to investigation of the crime? However, we have not hurry to deduce. There was a serious cause for this official's decision, which forced by circumstances in the country. The cause was more social importance than professional reason for investigation.

In the society there were fresh memories of Zamanbeck Nurkadilov's mysterious death in November 2005. Inspite the officials declared the suicide of famous opposition politician, the community reacted with disbelief and so that it seriously damaged the image of law enforcement agencies. And the brutal murder of Sarsenbayev, who was leader of opposition in Kazakhstan, and also his assistants occured at some time later. In this circumstances the state's officials took the only correct decision and invited the foreign specialists to participate in this investigation of the crime. They not only participated but also guaranted that the investigation would be monitored by an impartial party. The instruction was given to the General Prosecutor's Office and this office invited the FBI investigative group.

In fact, the initiative of invitating the FBI agents to investigation belongs also the Sarsenbayev's relatives and his allies, i.e.representatives of the aggrieved party. They spoke out their intention to apply to FBI in December 2006. The Sarsenbayev's relatives and allies intended to ask record of Ibragimov interrogation. Tolegen Zhukeev said: «We demand that the investigation will be openly spent with discovering all circumstances and bringing to justice and interrogation all those involved in the murder.» The FBI participation was like a compromise between state's officials and community at the beginning of the case.

In 2006 the court decided that Utembayev is guilt in ordering the Sarsenbayev murder. This decision of court based on the evindences, which has been collected by the interagency investigative group. However, Ibragimov gave his admission spending six years after investigation. In his application he at the first time admitted that he had actually murdered Sarsenbayev, Zhuravlev and Baibosyn on February 11, 2006. And he wrote that the murder had actually been ordered by Rakhat Aliev and the crime had been managed by Alnur Musaev.

Can we say about a mistake of the interagency investigative group, which included the FBI agents? Probably, we cannot. The executor of murder had been discovered in 2006. The fact that Utembayev ordered to beat Sarsenbayev, is indisputable and this is Utembayev's guilt.

The information agencies quoted the Judge Lukmat Merekenov's words, who led the court session on the case. He said: «There was a question about Rakhat Aliev's involvement. The Court adressed this question to Ibragimov, but he rejected the involvenemt of that person. The Utembayev's involvement in commit the crime undoubtedly confirmed by this criminal case. Utembayev did khow. He did khow that Sarsenbayev has been kidnapped. He did khow that they were going to kill Sarsenbayev. He did khow that the Sarsenbayev murder had been completed. There are the facts. So I think that the sentence was lawfully at the moment of crime and at the moment of judging the case on the base of evidences, which had been examined at the sourt session.»

It is not allowed to assume that Utembayev was innocent. He is involved in Sarsenbayev, Zhuravlev and Baibosyn murder. This is the fact. Moreover, the credibility of testimonies of accused persons and key witnesses had been confirmed by FBI polygraph examiners on December 20, 2013. They had confirmed that Ibragimov was sinsere indicating Aliev and Musaev as true orderers of the murder, not Utembayev. Their conclusion had been additionally announced by U.S. Carge d'affairs John Orway on the press conference, which led by the General Prosecutor's Office. Anybody do not belive them, as it seemed.

So that it is need a new court session for review of the criminal case, including also for Erzhan Utembayev. Hope remains that the court, which announced by state's officials as true open, will close this extraordinary case. The Kazakhstan's law enforcers will close the case with FBI agents together.

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