November 2016

“Nonstate groups may make the assessment that Trump will react to a terror attack in a way that suits their purposes,” Kissinger said

The Trump phenomenon is in large part a reaction of Middle America to attacks on its values by intellectual and academic communities. There are other reasons, but this is a significant one.... (Continue reading)

(Русский) US: ISIS Aims to Establish Caliphate in Afghanistan

Nicholson insisted this caliphate would be the “Khorasan caliphate,” and said that the ISIS force there was primarily made of Uzbeks, along with some members of the Pakistani Taliban.... (Continue reading)

Falsification Of Kulibayev’s Son’s Birthplace Piqued Attention

However, passport fraud is not limited to desperate refugees in search of safety and security – in fact, the crime can also be taken up by shady business oligarchs.... (Continue reading)

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