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Kazakh Oligarch Bulat Utemuratov Among Billionaire Backers of Monaco Project

[ru] «Несмотря на старания снизить влияние олигархов в княжестве, казахстанский миллиардер вошел в число инвесторов нового проекта в сфере недвижимости в Монако стоимостью 2 млрд евро», - отмечается в сообщении. [en] He has been described as a close advisor and “personal financial manager” to Nazarbayev.... (Continue reading)

Sex Tourists are the only real target audience for the Kazakh inbound tourism...

Kazakhstan has an important resource to develop inbound sex tourism, which is underestimated by locals by force of its ordinariness to them, thus deeming imperceptible and unvalued. We are now speaking of racial and ethnic diversity. ... (Continue reading)

Mukhtar Ablyazov files: culprit muted while syndrome’s dimensions keep expanding

“An industry of thousands of lawyers, accountants and so-called corporate-service agents in Cyprus beaver away forming companies, whipping up corporate skeletons and dressing them with directors, paperwork and bank accounts,” the article reads further down. “Their handiwork is evident in a civil fraud action brought by BTA Bank, one of Kazakhstan's biggest lenders, against its former chairman, Mukhtar Ablyazov... (Continue reading)

Mukhtar Ablyazov’s Russian roulette: deposuit humiles de sede et exaltavit potentes

All this notwithstanding, claims by AMT have been honoured by Russian courts of law both before and after the bank’s bankruptcy. In May last year a court in St.-Petersburg ordered 75.9 million euro as part of the debt owed to AMT by nearby Logopark Kolpino, one of Eurasia Logistics’ projects in the Russian Federation, Russia’s judicial newsreel RAPSI reported. ... (Continue reading)

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Customs approves evil

And what’s funny – the state in its sole customs blast is continuously repeating its well-learned mantra – “we are on common people side”, but in this case simply throwing the least socially protected social layer over the board. Their profits are obviously aren’t able to pay treasury, but making no harm either as there’s no one to give them a job. ... (Continue reading)

III Astana Economic Forum started in Kazakhstan Today

Business Forum of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with participation of above 300 delegates from different countries will become large event of Astana Economic Forum. The main goal of the Forum is creation of Eurasian Business Congress directed on expansion of mutually beneficial trade-economic connections and investment cooperation on Eurasian space and interaction in development of perspective and high-technology economic spheres. ... (Continue reading)

Third Astana Economic Forum to be held in Kazakhstan on July 1st-2nd

Conference entitled “Conference of State-private Partnership of Pease Centers” will be held on the first day of Forum. Representatives of State-private Partnership Centers, central and local executive bodies, experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations will take part in discussions. ... (Continue reading)

Commercial sex in revolutionary Bishkek

Rare gunfights on the outskirts of the city can’t really blast commercial sex industry. As historical practice shows, the most harming thing for it is economic devastation and passage to barter relations. The prostitutes love money; and to work for a bag of potatoes is not prostitution – its economical connections of civilization fall period. ... (Continue reading)

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Gadgetry in Kazakhstan

Mobiles are too needed, too involved in life of modern men. It comes out that life of an average person is not depending on gadgets, although they are buzz words. So what is it behind this word with French roots? There is another word – fashion. ... (Continue reading)

Custom union as strategic surround of oil transnational corporations in Kazakhstan

Oil companies had to strain themselves a lot, although they could overbid Ak Orda political party argument of nectar period of business in nineties cannot be extended on the second part of zero years; too much water (and most importantly - oil) has flowed since then. Political risks fell down, infrastructure is well organized, investments returned. ... (Continue reading)

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