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Stashes for the crisis period

After exchanging my old tenge to new ones, I noticed at next window that one man and a woman have chosen commemorative silver coins of the National Bank. There is rich assortment. Those people didn’t look like they are richer than middle class. ... (Continue reading)

Political weight of Mukhtar Ablyazov’s money

In light of said above, it is only left to agree that Russian experts have bases for suspicions and questions, where the oligarch’s money went or still going, and why do he need such branched network of financial-political contacts. Was that major funds invested in scandalous and doubtful enterprises of Georgian and Ukrainian politicians, as some sources calling Ablyazov “Saakashvili’s banker”? ... (Continue reading)

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Busy bee won’t help to beekeeping in Kazakhstan

Experts blame huge volume of oil in problems of national beekeeping. When economy received billion of petrodollars competent authorities decided that beekeeping and such derivatives as: honey, wax, pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions are uninteresting to be busy with.... (Continue reading)

Hunting extreme of Kazakhstan

As for common and normal hunters in Kazakhstan – they are from middle and sub-middle class, who are distressing by licensed shooting of marals, wolves, wild boars and bears. To be precise, they are rather changing their working stress on extreme one than distressing. ... (Continue reading)

In struggle to overcome the space corrupt officials win

Today, when colossal opportunities for transport infrastructure development and international transit have lost already, all efforts must be made on saving the present structure at least. Recipe is shocking for its novelty and originality: corruption struggle and professionalism at all complex of transport spheres. ... (Continue reading)

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Difficult gold of Kazakhstan

According to the data from Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there are 10 336 kilograms of fine gold were produced in 2009, which is 26% more than in 2008. Overall production of crude and semi-finished gold, or gold in form of powder in 2009 resulted 22525 kg (8% growth). ... (Continue reading)

Anonymous oligarchs’ society

Despite the anonymity, the mass of oligarchs is hardly similar. There are also its elder and younger, from the most poor to the most rich inclusively. Some of oligarchs are allowed to parasite on state budget, the others are not. Some are allowed to oil pipelines as one of the most desirable pieces of Kazakhstani business, the others were rejected with this. ... (Continue reading)

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Hard times for trade

If Cherkizon (settled slang name of Cherkizovsky marketplace) would reborn in Karasay district, then Kazakhstan can expect flow of immigrants, illegal traffic and revitalization of criminal elements. The owners of Cherkizon are powerful organization in any respect. For that reason they will took profits outside of the country, because here there are no guarantees of ownership for them. ... (Continue reading)

Nabucco: the reality of a myth

Now it’s the Nabucco turn, taking in account currently building Southern flow, where the main participant is Russian Gazprom. Who needs Nabucco, despite Brussels, Washington and Ankara, when China, capable to afford any volumes which hypothetically Astana can supply, is so close to Kazakhstan? ... (Continue reading)

A sad story of villages

Sadly, we quite recently realized the necessity of normal functioning of agricultural sector in our country. Special governmental programs to support villages were, as it becomes obvious today, not one of the most important directions of modernizing economical system, but unsorted events which were dictated the necessity to somehow balance different directions in economy. ... (Continue reading)

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