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The government should think on perspectives too

Obviously, most of activities of Kazakhstani government and Samruk-Kazyna Fund are complementary, sorting out the same economical problems. Rational allocation of duties is also present, when the government is engaged in ongoing matters and the fund is focused on solving most difficult and strategically important issues.... (Continue reading)

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Where is commodity sovereignty of Kazakhstan?

So, in 2009 the number of starving and underfed got over 1 billion people. But that’s not all. In modern times it is important not only to eat something, but eating quality products. The specifics of Kazakhstan are that with all nature given abilities it is able to wok on both export (millions of tons of crops, vegetables, milk and meat) and quality. Thus without unlimited concentration of chemistry and poisoning fertilizers, which is common sin of our eastern neighbours – Chinese. ... (Continue reading)

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Kazakhstani market happened to be destructive

How on earth the structure of society consisting of authorities, policemen, traders, bandits, whores, pimps, guards, controllers, drivers, stockmen, lawyers, and accountants could compete with those, which has high share of engineers, technologists, logisticians, constructors, scientists and marketologists? Even despite the fact that the majority of our bankers are cheaters and there are almost none of reliable attorneys.... (Continue reading)

Places of vermin profit

The mainland of law enforcing structures, special services, prosecutor’s office and court system is somehow specific. There are allegedly no goods can be produced and no access to republic and local budgets, as common top-authorities has. Instead, this is the place, where you can clearly understand that redistribution of property is profitable. The freedom of man is too a resource, which can be converted in round amount. ... (Continue reading)

Dzhakishev – manager of uranium sell out

What exactly changed in Kazatomprom in time of Mukhtar Dzhakishev? No new deposits were discovered. Explored fields of uranium were discovered in Soviet days. No new facilities were built. Support and hope of the industry is, same as ten and twenty years ago, Ulbinsk metallurgical complex and several deposits. ... (Continue reading)

Human pasture – a new reading in crisis conditions

Even today some conflicts can’t be managed without conflicts; however, common conflict-generating potential will only grow up. People, chased by need, will go extensively to the mountains, forests, on lake shores and to pounds, and new-sprung owners will protect their resources. Let the strongest win in every certain case. ... (Continue reading)

Kazakhstani observe of crisis

However so “simple” schemes absolutely does not work for certain. For example, many banks began to work worse from quality of service to a spectrum of rendered services. Qualitative characteristics in education and public health services the basic indicators of general provisions of affairs worsen. ... (Continue reading)

Interest-holders and mortgagers is a deadlock of state policy

After all it turned out that the foreign financial investors who have borrowed the money to another's country, have met the Kazakhstan bankers, and those to the compatriots are not. And crisis in the meantime amplified, unemployment grew, incomes of the population of drop, and real financial possibilities it is even more. ... (Continue reading)

Uncivil gambling – the native environment of Kazakhstan

In connection with global crisis, the uncivilized gambling takes more and more of daily living of the citizens. But this is dependent gambling. Would salary be paid to you this month or not? Can you reach home after work without unnecessary trouble? ... (Continue reading)

Crisis and commercial sex

The women of middle and half-a-middle class were added on the turf. It can’t be measured on how massive it is, because such statistics simply doesn’t exist, but there are prostitutes, who returning $2000 bank loans by instrumentality of their bodies.... (Continue reading)

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