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The only city

Almaty loves the money, and the money loves it too. The City by its nature is not oil, but stabile attracts to itself the huge part of oil dollars. Here is the most high coefficient of commercial estate on the first floor of the buildings among the country... ... (Continue reading)

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Domestic tourism during crisis

Department of Temirhan Dosmuhanbetov the department of tourism and sports, last year has developed the bill which workers of the tourist industry precisely named as "reactionary" and "harmful". The bill passed through Mazhilis, but in the Senate have rejected. ... (Continue reading)

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Sales taxation – sacred dream of Kazakhstani manufacturers

The Tax Code is the main regulatory law, which is affecting not only businessmen, but the whole society. Nowadays, the State pushed the responsibility of collecting taxes on employers’ shoulders. ... (Continue reading)

Car market of Kazakhstan

State authorities are the whole other business. Even sharpen struggle with corruption, which periodically becomes hysteria, can’t force white collars to decline Porkers, Maybachs and Maseratis. They are accompanied by specific sort of businessmen, who working for corrupted government contracts. Ferraris and Gelandewagens are within the pocket of them. ... (Continue reading)

Shared construction – one of the biggest affairs in Kazakhstan

The problem can be solved only on political level, so political will is needed. Yet, the authorities are hiding behind the letters of law, which often can’t stand after any criticism, saying nothing about the spirit of law. Meanwhile the anger and disaffection accumulates nowise in labor outskirts. ... (Continue reading)

Goods of Kazakhstan

When black gold prices reached minimum, many specialists were happy with it. There are many other niches for Kazakhstan, whether its meat without hormonal agents, or ecological vegetables without chemicals. But when oil prices went up, production specialists started to be nervous, and officials are preparing to breathe freely. ... (Continue reading)

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Famous tombs of Kazakhstan

Visiting tomb in present days is the most affordable kind of informative tourism in Kazakhstan. The thing is that disposition of famous tombs is the easiest thing to find. Almost all of them is regularly being visited by pilgrims… so they are connected by the roads, and you can find the guide if you want to. ... (Continue reading)

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Architectural bacchanalia has taken a breath in Almaty

So, Almaty and New-York have common traits not only in city’s symbol (which is apple for both cities), but also streets planning. Fort Verny foundation was laid on the place of ancient fortification, because there were no changes with the ages. The place is very ordinary – rivers and roads bifurcation. ... (Continue reading)

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Overview of car market in Kazakhstan

Because of this matter, car market of Kazakhstan will gain further growth and perspective despite of episodic influences. The question is, how this market will be compared to the rest of the world, and to the needs of the final buyer… ... (Continue reading)

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Kazakhstan and the Great Silk Road

Nations which were existed on modern Kazakhstan territory were involved into the route within the cultural and trading links in the early Bronze Age, when these lands were the periphery of early nations of Ancient East. The frequency and solidity of mutual contacts had been growing from century to century. ... (Continue reading)

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