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Regions of Kazakhstan: Economic Review

The economic and geographical disproportion of regions of Kazakhstan is the settled fact. The government realizes the significance of the situation and even is intended in rational territorial distribution of industry in the country in order to weaken asymmetry in development of areas. ... (Continue reading)

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Enthusiasts of Kazakh Kaznet

The problems of Kazakh-speaking part of the Kaznet can be divided into two types. To the first one belong those which can be solved only with time. The second one contains those which can be solved today given the political will and desire. ... (Continue reading)

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EITI is slowing in Kazakhstan

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) appeared in September, 2002 year, when Tony Blair, the prime minister of Great Britain, spoke at the World Summit on sustainable development in Johannesburg (RSA). Kazakhstan entered to EITI at the 5th of October, 2005. ... (Continue reading)

Tourism development in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan also has broad opportunities on tourism and pleasure travel industry development. Zailiyskiy and Dzhungarskiy Alatau mountains are suitable for ski resorts; lakes, particularly the lake Balkhash, give many chances for sport-fishing. Tourists can also feel themselves as nomads and pass horse route over the prairies, semi-deserts and mountains. ... (Continue reading)

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Rakhat Aliev: system failure of initial capital savings

Aliev didn’t stop at these achievements. His personality reflected system failure in allocation and privatization processes of state property. Others would not stop achieving wealth, but these others could be put on their places by more wealthy gentlemen, who had high-ranked friend or patron from the government. It wasn’t happened. ... (Continue reading)

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Corporate raid continues be a threat to owners

Suddenly”, some strange people come to owner and ask him “to sell” the property at the rate of one to ten against the real market cost. It means if entity costs $20 million the bid price will be $2 million. Worst scenario is the request of a “gift”. ... (Continue reading)

The major tourist stream

Classical statement "in vino veritas", in vodka - the truth, in beer - power, in water - microbes isn't that proper for Kyrgystan. The Kyrgyzstani vine usually has good quality though you might not tell. If you're trying to buy vodka it's recommended to be very fastidious. ... (Continue reading)

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Altyn or Euras

We would remind you that today Russia and China speak in support of creation of the new currency to be used in the international markets. The leaders of the Latin American countries arise this question for a long time too. ... (Continue reading)

The Number of Self-engaged Employers Increases

In Kazakhstan there are 117 sq. meters of the trade area for every 1000 persons. In Russia the similar parameter comes to 250 sq. meters, in Europe there are 400 sq. meters for every 1000 persons. The “long-term” credits are required for construction of the trade areas. ... (Continue reading)

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Intensification of a Pension Question

The pioneer of such system is Chile. When Mr. Aidar Alibayev (RK) got acquainted with the Chilean experience, the Chilean experts insistently advised not to hire the banks employers to Accumulative Pension Funds (APF), and to keep away from the banks. ... (Continue reading)

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