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Russian attempts to justify Stalin's Great Terror re-open old wounds in Central Asia


A Moscow State University economist, Andrei Kalganov, made similar remarks defending Stalin's purges to Komsomolskaya Pravda radio in March 2016. He pointed to Basmachi anti-Soviet guerrillas in Central Asia in the 1930s and pro-Nazi Soviets in World War II as legitimate targets of Stalin's regime. ... (Continue reading)

Has globalism gone off the rails?


In truth, globalization is a mere amphetamine. It speeds things up and alters superficial behavior. But let us not fool ourselves into thinking that globalization has fundamentally altered the nature and culture of those it hooks. ... (Continue reading)

(Русский) US: ISIS Aims to Establish Caliphate in Afghanistan


Nicholson insisted this caliphate would be the “Khorasan caliphate,” and said that the ISIS force there was primarily made of Uzbeks, along with some members of the Pakistani Taliban.... (Continue reading)

Falsification Of Kulibayev’s Son’s Birthplace Piqued Attention


However, passport fraud is not limited to desperate refugees in search of safety and security – in fact, the crime can also be taken up by shady business oligarchs.... (Continue reading)

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«Overseas help us»: FBI and Case of Sarsenbayev Murder


The base for review of Utembauev's case is newly discovered facts. There is the Ruslan Ibragimov's application, which had been applied on April 12, 2012. According to this application the Sarsenbayev murder had actually been ordered by Rakhat Aliev and the crime had been managed by Alnur Musaev. ... (Continue reading)

INTERNET 2013 (Viena,Hofburg 13-15 02 2013)


Shaping policies to advance media feedom (OSCE)... (Continue reading)

A word on everything – 2010


SamrukKazyna National Wellbeing Fund can now be renamed into National Wealth Dissipation Fund Seven hands in Treasury. Even for resources based economy with constant flow of oil dollars and profits from other types of strategic resources, SamrukKazyna appears to be too expensive toy for its uselessness.... (Continue reading)

New level of nonsense


Now they’re trying to play in revolution on the wave of events which take place in Kyrgyzstan. Mukhtar Ablyazov expressed his opinion as well as another fugitive announced himself as the leader of Atameken party – Erzhan Dosmukhamedov. They think that if they will get to provoke the revolution so they can return to Kazakhstan with triumph. ... (Continue reading)

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Cannabis, or wisdom tooth implant


In Kazakhstani part of Chu valley there are around 135, 000 hectares of wild-growing hemp. How many among it is Indian is hard to estimate, but the main thing is that it is growing in Miracle valley. Kyrgyzstan share in this natural area is around 30, 000 hectares, and thus it is on surface that’s got the main raw supply. ... (Continue reading)

Ablyazov/Dzhakishev: is there a connection?


The association between Dzhakishev and Ablyazov brings a third player in Kazakhstan’s Shakespearian business drama to mind. Prosecutors are reportedly looking into the sum of $670,000 which at one point disappeared from BTA’s accounts only to pop up at the local account of KazAtomProm’s Vienna office. ... (Continue reading)

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