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Alvarez gave fans the fight they wanted

Indeed, Canelo-GGG delivered on the promise of extreme combat. It was a hellacious battle that won't soon be forgotten. They both covered themselves in glory in a very competitive, action-packed fight. They both threw and landed heavy blows. They gave us thrills. They gave us the fight we hoped for. ... (Continue reading)

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“Nonstate groups may make the assessment that Trump will react to a terror attack in a way that suits their purposes,” Kissinger said

The Trump phenomenon is in large part a reaction of Middle America to attacks on its values by intellectual and academic communities. There are other reasons, but this is a significant one.... (Continue reading)

An open letter to all mankind — ANI (ANA) – 3000

Brief information about the organization of ANI (ANA) and its future activities for the benefit of all mankind will be completed on it for a while. Your suggestions and all sorts of feedback can be sent to the email address: E-mail:kaganat – ... (Continue reading)

Rakhat Aliyev on Malta’s hot grounds: die and let live – or a Gonzy scheme?

[in]“The green party spokesperson on EU and international affairs Arnold Cassola applied to the Prime-Minister asking Gonzi about the measures taken by the authorities on allegations against Aliyev who is accused of crimes against humanity and of using Malta as a base for money laundering. In his reply, Gonzi invited everyone who has proof of illegal behavior of Aliyeva to present it to the police.... (Continue reading)

To A.ESIMOV the Akim (Mayor) of the city of Almaty

The Ministry of Tourism and Sport has already sent their request to allocate financial means from the country’s state budget. Some members of the Parliament supported this idea (1). While only feasibility study for the project was estimated at 370 million tenge! They call the project “strategic” and say that “thanks to this project we will raise tourism for the whole republic” ... (Continue reading)

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Viktor Khrapunov: squandering natural treasures for the wealth (y) of nations/I

This, as in many other parts of the former Soviet Union, led to state assets put on sale for next to nothing to anyone who even remotely pretended to redevelop them into viable commercial assets. Khrapunov found himself virtually in charge of that process, and clearly decided that just supervising it would be little beneficial, whereas participating in it at the same time looked extremely attractive. Moreover, at that stage, there was little taboo for such conflicts of interest.... (Continue reading)

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Sex industrial Bishkek

Whatever the outcome it happens that Bishkek is sex-industry capital of post-soviet Central Asia by measures of value for money. It a little bit ceding to Almaty, especially in exotics section, however only little bit. On the other side, after Bishkek Cyprians many people can’t exploit services of their colleagues in southern capital of Kazakhstan because of the feeling that you just been robbed. ... (Continue reading)

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Oppositional slides and mice born by them

Akezhan Kazhegeldin very precisely and vividly (and self-critically in some ways) matched that big officials go to opposition from political Olympus by only one reason: they’ve been out from a feeding through. Naturally, quantity of pushed from through is more than those who came into oppositional side. You need to have definite level of ambitions and fightiness to go to opposition side. ... (Continue reading)

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Political fortunetellers’ community

In period of economical crisis, following by unemployment growth and impoverishment of large layers of people, the essentialness of information about real social attitude in corridors of power must grow high. Yet when there is no functional back link system with people, instruments from manual control sphere can be utilized.... (Continue reading)

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Facts are sacred, but they should be proved

But what about other types of prejudgment? In accordance with raising way of internet web by “do it yourself” principle, when people are ordering their own flights, publishing their own pictures and selling their own used goods, users must take the responsibility to make their own facts control by themselves. ... (Continue reading)

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