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Kazakhstan: Reaching Out to Central Asian Neighbors

[:En]Despite its regional outreach, Kazakhstan’s diplomatic priority will remain Russia, China, and Europe [:Ru]Несомненно, можно утверждать, что Узбекистан в долгосрочной перспективе представляет потенциальную угрозу для укоренившегося положения Казахстана в качестве экономического центра Центральной Азии: население Узбекистана в полтора раза больше, даже если его номинальный ВВП в три раза меньше. ... (Continue reading)

Frustrations Between Kazakhstan and Armenia Persist

Continued friction between two of the Eurasian Economic Union’s five members exposes the group’s weaknesses.... (Continue reading)

Is this the end of the West as we know it?

And then? Without France, Europe’s single market will cease to exist. Without Britain, it’s hard to see how NATO lasts long either. Not everyone will be sorry. As Trump’s appealing rhetoric makes clear, the costs of alliances (“millions of dollars annually”) are easier to see than the longer-term gains. ... (Continue reading)

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Is It Deja Vu? The Court On Sarsenbayev Case Passes On Proven Scenario

What does this practice mean? Is this common lawyer's games for increasing their fee by delays, because they get a payment on time? Or, a procrastination becomes a deliberate tactic, in which the lawyers are cast and a scenario is written by other persons, who have a distinct intentions. In the second case any procrastinations and amotivative speeches clearly allow to get political points. ... (Continue reading)

Is Aggrieved Party Not Interested In Truth?

The lawyers of the aggrieved party, according to their well khown habit for the journalists, began to ask the questions, which did not relate to the essence of the case under review. Even the Judge, who led the court session with great patience, had to make a reprimand to the lawyer M. Aspandiyarova. ... (Continue reading)

What It Should Be Done? (An Analisys Of a Possible War With China)

Every discussion must lead to a practical purpose. These points of view increase the fear of China, but they not offer anything that could substantial assist for resolving these problems of relation with China. We must conduct an analysis of the issue, which could define the most possible future of China and its ability in policy. Below is presented some theses on this topic. ... (Continue reading)

Rakhat Aliyev’s cash&kill business: a worrying trend

“They came early in the morning on July 3, 2012. Together with the chief state prosecutor Bettina Wallner, officers of the Viennese Bundeskriminalamt searched both the home and the office of the Viennese lawyer L.,” in the words of a report by Die Wiener Presse published in its issue of February 14 this year ( ... (Continue reading)

Marketed charity of Swiss court

On the other hand the Swiss court is cruel and ruthless on criminals with no money. In 2000 in Switzerland a life sentence has been put in concerning dangerous special criminals. ... (Continue reading)

Values-based policy

Once a businessman Adil Toiganbayev these days is actively involved in public activities, organizing the party. He is the head of the Expert centre for national strategy (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Toiganbayev is married to Bermet, a daughter of Askar Akayev, the first President of Kyrgyzstan, brings up two children. Toiganbayev is the author of a series of articles in domestic and foreign media and the books: “Technology of the dream” (2008г), “Daily democracy” (2010). ... (Continue reading)

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Akayev was a human being who made mistakes

People in glass houses should not throw stones... (Continue reading)

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