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What tragic events in Xinjiang mean to Kazakhs?

Many analysts are gathering nowadays, that the recent confrontation of Uyghurs in XUAR is connected to Beijing’s spurted Han resettlement to other territories after the fall of Soviet Union. Konstantin Syroezhkin, one of the leading sinologists of CIS, is particularly agreed with this. ... (Continue reading)

Rakhat is as marginal as a media story

For the time being a “Vienna sitter”, he more and more becomes into dependable figure, which can be defined as you wish. Even the “leader of Kazakhstani opposition”. But, to speak strictly, it will be a self designation, because Rakhat Aliev practically doesn’t have any real influence on situation inside Kazakhstan. ... (Continue reading)

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Who did create all evil and unfairness in Kazakhstan? Rakhat Aliev’s version

If one raids a business, then until its roots and for all; if one creates a monopoly on sugar industry, then it must be total; if one blames political opponent, then for everything! Although he is medic by education, he doesn’t catch the difference between Cutting and slashing. ... (Continue reading)

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The exotics of governance, or who supplies tobacco for a peace-pipe

Natsuko Oka, Japanese researcher of Central Asia, marked that “not only the Power uses ethnical elite, but elite are too using the Power”. She spoke with many people of this category, who noted that being a part of Assembly (large or small), allows to contact authorities from Akimats and higher. ... (Continue reading)

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An ambassador with a gun

The fact that Rakhat Aliev acquired himself a gun and get firearm permit right after his assignment on Kazakh ambassador to the Austria post, categorically speaks about his excessive suspicion, a true paranoia, once even ambassador status couldn’t assured him to refuse carrying firearms. ... (Continue reading)

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Kazakhstan and slave traffic

Rotation inside Kazakhstan was never counted yet, because this sector is non-transparent by virtue of its nature. Human trade is latent (hidden) crime, and it is hard to trace. Including the matter when victims are very often refusing to state anything. ... (Continue reading)

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s vector of Astana’s multi-directional foreign policy strengthens

The European Union renders technical assistance to Kazakhstan on millions of euros. But this assistance shouldn't be regarded as a charity. In the first place Brussels thinks about its profits. Kazakhstan becomes compatible with European Union (transport, borders, customs supervision, logistics and so on) without any attempts to become its member. ... (Continue reading)

Monarchist Rakhat

The message of Rakhat Aliev was correctly understood by everyone, and that article becomes the first stage of his transformation to political migrant. Too transparent were his intensions, and too familiar was his style of… despotism. ... (Continue reading)

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The Kazakhstan Army Creates More Problems than Solves them

Kazakhstan’s location in between such states as Russia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and also a great interest from the USA and European countries force to regard with attention to the military factor. ... (Continue reading)

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A tale of the irreal Man (In his book Rakhat Aliev tells us how he lost everything gained by the hard work)

In due times Andriy Chikatilo, the serial killer sentenced to death, tried to tell the world about his sensations. Mavrodi, a businessman who had done out thousand of Russians by millions of roubles, also labored from paper blacken syndrome. By the way, both books appeared to be very popular among people (again, interesting subject for the psychologists). ... (Continue reading)

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