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Kazakhstan: Reaching Out to Central Asian Neighbors

[:En]Despite its regional outreach, Kazakhstan’s diplomatic priority will remain Russia, China, and Europe [:Ru]Несомненно, можно утверждать, что Узбекистан в долгосрочной перспективе представляет потенциальную угрозу для укоренившегося положения Казахстана в качестве экономического центра Центральной Азии: население Узбекистана в полтора раза больше, даже если его номинальный ВВП в три раза меньше. ... (Continue reading)

Is this the end of the West as we know it?

And then? Without France, Europe’s single market will cease to exist. Without Britain, it’s hard to see how NATO lasts long either. Not everyone will be sorry. As Trump’s appealing rhetoric makes clear, the costs of alliances (“millions of dollars annually”) are easier to see than the longer-term gains. ... (Continue reading)

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What It Should Be Done? (An Analisys Of a Possible War With China)

Every discussion must lead to a practical purpose. These points of view increase the fear of China, but they not offer anything that could substantial assist for resolving these problems of relation with China. We must conduct an analysis of the issue, which could define the most possible future of China and its ability in policy. Below is presented some theses on this topic. ... (Continue reading)

III Astana Economic Forum started in Kazakhstan Today

Business Forum of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs with participation of above 300 delegates from different countries will become large event of Astana Economic Forum. The main goal of the Forum is creation of Eurasian Business Congress directed on expansion of mutually beneficial trade-economic connections and investment cooperation on Eurasian space and interaction in development of perspective and high-technology economic spheres. ... (Continue reading)

Kazakhstan in OSCE – our task is to reconcile everybody

Thus, Kazakhstan for Europe, Central Asia and Russia for OSCE could be a lottery winning ticket, a link between the East and the West. It is very good that the first attended on it is Kazakhstan, not Russia, where international stability model has not yet sorted out; followed by the skinheads problems.... (Continue reading)

Barak effect

But since we started from Barak Obama and motives of his conferment with Noble Peace Prize, which everybody agreed to consider as and advance for some supposed actions for the benefit of peace on the planet, then we are justified to suppose the presence of similar motives of Freedom Prize organizational committee. ... (Continue reading)