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Is Aggrieved Party Not Interested In Truth?

The lawyers of the aggrieved party, according to their well khown habit for the journalists, began to ask the questions, which did not relate to the essence of the case under review. Even the Judge, who led the court session with great patience, had to make a reprimand to the lawyer M. Aspandiyarova. ... (Continue reading)

«Overseas help us»: FBI and Case of Sarsenbayev Murder

The base for review of Utembauev's case is newly discovered facts. There is the Ruslan Ibragimov's application, which had been applied on April 12, 2012. According to this application the Sarsenbayev murder had actually been ordered by Rakhat Aliev and the crime had been managed by Alnur Musaev. ... (Continue reading)

Mukhtar Ablyazov files: culprit muted while syndrome’s dimensions keep expanding

“An industry of thousands of lawyers, accountants and so-called corporate-service agents in Cyprus beaver away forming companies, whipping up corporate skeletons and dressing them with directors, paperwork and bank accounts,” the article reads further down. “Their handiwork is evident in a civil fraud action brought by BTA Bank, one of Kazakhstan's biggest lenders, against its former chairman, Mukhtar Ablyazov... (Continue reading)

Rakhat Aliyev’s cash&kill business: a worrying trend

“They came early in the morning on July 3, 2012. Together with the chief state prosecutor Bettina Wallner, officers of the Viennese Bundeskriminalamt searched both the home and the office of the Viennese lawyer L.,” in the words of a report by Die Wiener Presse published in its issue of February 14 this year ( ... (Continue reading)

Rakhat Aliyev on Malta’s hot grounds: die and let live – or a Gonzy scheme?

[in]“The green party spokesperson on EU and international affairs Arnold Cassola applied to the Prime-Minister asking Gonzi about the measures taken by the authorities on allegations against Aliyev who is accused of crimes against humanity and of using Malta as a base for money laundering. In his reply, Gonzi invited everyone who has proof of illegal behavior of Aliyeva to present it to the police.... (Continue reading)