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Leyla Khrapunova: no rip-off

“Mrs. Khrapunova was satisfied with the transaction”... (Continue reading)

Rakhat Aliyev’s cash&kill business: a worrying trend

“They came early in the morning on July 3, 2012. Together with the chief state prosecutor Bettina Wallner, officers of the Viennese Bundeskriminalamt searched both the home and the office of the Viennese lawyer L.,” in the words of a report by Die Wiener Presse published in its issue of February 14 this year ( ... (Continue reading)

Viktor Khrapunov: squandering natural treasures for the wealth (y) of nations/I

This, as in many other parts of the former Soviet Union, led to state assets put on sale for next to nothing to anyone who even remotely pretended to redevelop them into viable commercial assets. Khrapunov found himself virtually in charge of that process, and clearly decided that just supervising it would be little beneficial, whereas participating in it at the same time looked extremely attractive. Moreover, at that stage, there was little taboo for such conflicts of interest.... (Continue reading)

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