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Kazakhstan: Reaching Out to Central Asian Neighbors

[:En]Despite its regional outreach, Kazakhstan’s diplomatic priority will remain Russia, China, and Europe [:Ru]Несомненно, можно утверждать, что Узбекистан в долгосрочной перспективе представляет потенциальную угрозу для укоренившегося положения Казахстана в качестве экономического центра Центральной Азии: население Узбекистана в полтора раза больше, даже если его номинальный ВВП в три раза меньше. ... (Continue reading)

Has globalism gone off the rails?

In truth, globalization is a mere amphetamine. It speeds things up and alters superficial behavior. But let us not fool ourselves into thinking that globalization has fundamentally altered the nature and culture of those it hooks. ... (Continue reading)

“Nonstate groups may make the assessment that Trump will react to a terror attack in a way that suits their purposes,” Kissinger said

The Trump phenomenon is in large part a reaction of Middle America to attacks on its values by intellectual and academic communities. There are other reasons, but this is a significant one.... (Continue reading)

Frustrations Between Kazakhstan and Armenia Persist

Continued friction between two of the Eurasian Economic Union’s five members exposes the group’s weaknesses.... (Continue reading)

An open letter to all mankind — ANI (ANA) – 3000

Brief information about the organization of ANI (ANA) and its future activities for the benefit of all mankind will be completed on it for a while. Your suggestions and all sorts of feedback can be sent to the email address: E-mail:kaganat – ... (Continue reading)

What It Should Be Done? (An Analisys Of a Possible War With China)

Every discussion must lead to a practical purpose. These points of view increase the fear of China, but they not offer anything that could substantial assist for resolving these problems of relation with China. We must conduct an analysis of the issue, which could define the most possible future of China and its ability in policy. Below is presented some theses on this topic. ... (Continue reading)

Custom union as strategic surround of oil transnational corporations in Kazakhstan

Oil companies had to strain themselves a lot, although they could overbid Ak Orda political party argument of nectar period of business in nineties cannot be extended on the second part of zero years; too much water (and most importantly - oil) has flowed since then. Political risks fell down, infrastructure is well organized, investments returned. ... (Continue reading)

Eurasia sees American geopolitical low tide

US are losing its grounds in Eurasia. The only question is that would it be implemented by organized columns with long delays on earlier reached borders, or it will be unorganized runaway? In ideological terms their guard dogs would bark even more violently nevertheless. So then it will add some work to Sergey Duvanov and people as him apparently. ... (Continue reading)

Barak effect

But since we started from Barak Obama and motives of his conferment with Noble Peace Prize, which everybody agreed to consider as and advance for some supposed actions for the benefit of peace on the planet, then we are justified to suppose the presence of similar motives of Freedom Prize organizational committee. ... (Continue reading)

Nabucco: the reality of a myth

Now it’s the Nabucco turn, taking in account currently building Southern flow, where the main participant is Russian Gazprom. Who needs Nabucco, despite Brussels, Washington and Ankara, when China, capable to afford any volumes which hypothetically Astana can supply, is so close to Kazakhstan? ... (Continue reading)

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