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Kazakhstan: Reaching Out to Central Asian Neighbors

[:En]Despite its regional outreach, Kazakhstan’s diplomatic priority will remain Russia, China, and Europe [:Ru]Несомненно, можно утверждать, что Узбекистан в долгосрочной перспективе представляет потенциальную угрозу для укоренившегося положения Казахстана в качестве экономического центра Центральной Азии: население Узбекистана в полтора раза больше, даже если его номинальный ВВП в три раза меньше. ... (Continue reading)

Has globalism gone off the rails?

In truth, globalization is a mere amphetamine. It speeds things up and alters superficial behavior. But let us not fool ourselves into thinking that globalization has fundamentally altered the nature and culture of those it hooks. ... (Continue reading)

Frustrations Between Kazakhstan and Armenia Persist

Continued friction between two of the Eurasian Economic Union’s five members exposes the group’s weaknesses.... (Continue reading)

A word on everything – 2010

SamrukKazyna National Wellbeing Fund can now be renamed into National Wealth Dissipation Fund Seven hands in Treasury. Even for resources based economy with constant flow of oil dollars and profits from other types of strategic resources, SamrukKazyna appears to be too expensive toy for its uselessness.... (Continue reading)

Marketed charity of Swiss court

On the other hand the Swiss court is cruel and ruthless on criminals with no money. In 2000 in Switzerland a life sentence has been put in concerning dangerous special criminals. ... (Continue reading)

Akayev was a human being who made mistakes

People in glass houses should not throw stones... (Continue reading)

What the opposition is reckoning on?

What is pleasant, that more and more oppositionists are starting to realize that and moving into filed, in which they can be more useful than in oppositional thrash. For instance, Oraz Dzhandosov has gone from the politics; some say that he is engaged in scientific researches. Asylbek Kozhakhmetov has returned to educational business.... (Continue reading)