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Has globalism gone off the rails?

In truth, globalization is a mere amphetamine. It speeds things up and alters superficial behavior. But let us not fool ourselves into thinking that globalization has fundamentally altered the nature and culture of those it hooks. ... (Continue reading)

Is It Deja Vu? The Court On Sarsenbayev Case Passes On Proven Scenario

What does this practice mean? Is this common lawyer's games for increasing their fee by delays, because they get a payment on time? Or, a procrastination becomes a deliberate tactic, in which the lawyers are cast and a scenario is written by other persons, who have a distinct intentions. In the second case any procrastinations and amotivative speeches clearly allow to get political points. ... (Continue reading)

Is Aggrieved Party Not Interested In Truth?

The lawyers of the aggrieved party, according to their well khown habit for the journalists, began to ask the questions, which did not relate to the essence of the case under review. Even the Judge, who led the court session with great patience, had to make a reprimand to the lawyer M. Aspandiyarova. ... (Continue reading)

Leyla Khrapunova: no rip-off

“Mrs. Khrapunova was satisfied with the transaction”... (Continue reading)

INTERNET 2013 (Viena,Hofburg 13-15 02 2013)

Shaping policies to advance media feedom (OSCE)... (Continue reading)

Aborted report of Aliev

Rakhat was going to expose corruption in top echelons of power, but after assignment on deputy of the head of Safeguard Service of President post was heavily engaged in corporate raid. And in such way, that he offended the majority of elite against himself. Raider was going to expose corruption? That is absolutely beyond the truth.... (Continue reading)

Demand on graphology emerged in Kazakhstan

Graphology is one of the methods, which are allowing to get additional information about a personality and to lighten up many of its important edges. This applied science is not only helping people on their way to self-perception to learn better their individuality, propensity and predilections; with its help employers are getting much more information about its employees. ... (Continue reading)