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Kazakh Oligarch Bulat Utemuratov Among Billionaire Backers of Monaco Project

[ru] «Несмотря на старания снизить влияние олигархов в княжестве, казахстанский миллиардер вошел в число инвесторов нового проекта в сфере недвижимости в Монако стоимостью 2 млрд евро», - отмечается в сообщении. [en] He has been described as a close advisor and “personal financial manager” to Nazarbayev.... (Continue reading)

Sex Tourists are the only real target audience for the Kazakh inbound tourism...

Kazakhstan has an important resource to develop inbound sex tourism, which is underestimated by locals by force of its ordinariness to them, thus deeming imperceptible and unvalued. We are now speaking of racial and ethnic diversity. ... (Continue reading)