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Sex Tourists are the only real target audience for the Kazakh inbound tourism...

Kazakhstan has an important resource to develop inbound sex tourism, which is underestimated by locals by force of its ordinariness to them, thus deeming imperceptible and unvalued. We are now speaking of racial and ethnic diversity. ... (Continue reading)

Commercial sex in revolutionary Bishkek

Rare gunfights on the outskirts of the city can’t really blast commercial sex industry. As historical practice shows, the most harming thing for it is economic devastation and passage to barter relations. The prostitutes love money; and to work for a bag of potatoes is not prostitution – its economical connections of civilization fall period. ... (Continue reading)

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Sex industrial Bishkek

Whatever the outcome it happens that Bishkek is sex-industry capital of post-soviet Central Asia by measures of value for money. It a little bit ceding to Almaty, especially in exotics section, however only little bit. On the other side, after Bishkek Cyprians many people can’t exploit services of their colleagues in southern capital of Kazakhstan because of the feeling that you just been robbed. ... (Continue reading)

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Sex-industry of Kazakhstan

Certainly the largest assortment of sexual services is offering in Almaty. Due to Almaty is the biggest city, the demand for the prostitutes is high. However, it's desirable for the English speaking client to have the Russian speaking guide. ... (Continue reading)

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