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Sex Tourists are the only real target audience for the Kazakh inbound tourism...

Kazakhstan has an important resource to develop inbound sex tourism, which is underestimated by locals by force of its ordinariness to them, thus deeming imperceptible and unvalued. We are now speaking of racial and ethnic diversity. ... (Continue reading)

Political sociology: different conclusions on any given material

Since energy and water supply systems are working, although with interruptions. There is something to eat and something to feed on. And there is somebody to stop extremists when they are going to completely forget about checks and balances mechanisms. On this silent and patient basis, Nursultan Nazarbayev can be whatever he wants to be – leader of the nation or Khan of all Kazakhs. ... (Continue reading)

Hunting extreme of Kazakhstan

As for common and normal hunters in Kazakhstan – they are from middle and sub-middle class, who are distressing by licensed shooting of marals, wolves, wild boars and bears. To be precise, they are rather changing their working stress on extreme one than distressing. ... (Continue reading)

From regressive state management to progressive

Our law-enforcement and supervisor agencies deserve a special chapter. All of these – Defense Ministry, CNS, MIA, prosecutor offices, Financial Police (oh, this FinPol…), courts, correctional facilities – are making people suffer no less than from other structures. We wouldn’t give any examples as they will take too much place. ... (Continue reading)

Tolerance is under attack. However it’s the basis of country survival

Last challenges towards tolerance (and to the whole system) are connected with “Kazakhs card” playing: language, aggrieved national pride, the demand of preferences etc. Those who use “Kazakhness” in struggle for resources offer simple and easy understandable mottoes for the crowd but quite dangerous for state stability and integrity. ... (Continue reading)

Where does Central Asia competitiveness and creativity lie?

So, the main direction of Central Asia creative “efficiency” is emigration and ability to adapt well at a new place. Local Russian population treats more friendly to immigrants from Central Asia than to expatriates from Caucasus. Though the basis conditions are seemingly equal, both are from former USSR. Russian population accounts women in 10 million more people than men, it’s making easier incorporation of guest-workers and migrants because men always go first. ... (Continue reading)

Kazakhstani market happened to be destructive

How on earth the structure of society consisting of authorities, policemen, traders, bandits, whores, pimps, guards, controllers, drivers, stockmen, lawyers, and accountants could compete with those, which has high share of engineers, technologists, logisticians, constructors, scientists and marketologists? Even despite the fact that the majority of our bankers are cheaters and there are almost none of reliable attorneys.... (Continue reading)

Avatars of salary

Authorities, policemen, army officers, customs workers, and judges in Kazakhstan is low-paid category of jobs. And if they eating in expensive restaurants, riding luxury vehicles or wearing diamonds – it is the result of corruption. Middle hand authority, who lives only on salary, couldn’t keep his family. ... (Continue reading)

People and politics in Kazakhstan

There is only one city in Kazakhstan that can turn out people to be the subject of politics. It is Almaty. Demography specialists estimate population in this metropolis about 2 million people, plus another million in close situated communities. So, the Almaty agglomeration contains about 20% of the whole population in the republic. ... (Continue reading)

Human pasture – a new reading in crisis conditions

Even today some conflicts can’t be managed without conflicts; however, common conflict-generating potential will only grow up. People, chased by need, will go extensively to the mountains, forests, on lake shores and to pounds, and new-sprung owners will protect their resources. Let the strongest win in every certain case. ... (Continue reading)

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