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Is It Deja Vu? The Court On Sarsenbayev Case Passes On Proven Scenario

What does this practice mean? Is this common lawyer's games for increasing their fee by delays, because they get a payment on time? Or, a procrastination becomes a deliberate tactic, in which the lawyers are cast and a scenario is written by other persons, who have a distinct intentions. In the second case any procrastinations and amotivative speeches clearly allow to get political points. ... (Continue reading)

Rakhat Aliyev on Malta’s hot grounds: die and let live – or a Gonzy scheme?

[in]“The green party spokesperson on EU and international affairs Arnold Cassola applied to the Prime-Minister asking Gonzi about the measures taken by the authorities on allegations against Aliyev who is accused of crimes against humanity and of using Malta as a base for money laundering. In his reply, Gonzi invited everyone who has proof of illegal behavior of Aliyeva to present it to the police.... (Continue reading)

The government should think on perspectives too

Obviously, most of activities of Kazakhstani government and Samruk-Kazyna Fund are complementary, sorting out the same economical problems. Rational allocation of duties is also present, when the government is engaged in ongoing matters and the fund is focused on solving most difficult and strategically important issues.... (Continue reading)

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Nazarbayev is acknowledged leader of Kazakh nation

In what connection it can be said that the leader of the nation is perceived in the same way by both Russians and Kazakhs. Nazarbayev is the leader for all. This feature always existed in Kazakhstani society, from the very first years of republic’s establishment. ... (Continue reading)

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Damage of opposition

Proposition of lifetime presidency of Nursultan Nazarbayev wasn’t appeared from successful living. Professor Baydosov and his adopts are clearly understand that only Nazarbayev now can be the single wall protecting them from anarchy, which so-called opposition is trying to trigger, from bad time that they bringing to Kazakhs. ... (Continue reading)

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To reform the opposition

But whom, for many years of its activity, the oppositional camp promoted from new politicians? It’s hard to remember any. Where are new names and faces from opposition? There isn’t one. More likely, that controversial process is ongoing, when marked men are going out from oppositional members. ... (Continue reading)

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Kazakhstan has screwed up everybody

“Multi-vectorness” was worked for geopolitical piggy-bank of Astana for such a long time, that many got the illusion like that sort of things would last forever. And then 08.08.08 rolled around; and even before it, a sleeping pain spots of Eurasia put onto itself with renewed vigor. ... (Continue reading)

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Administrative blindness blossom

Young Turki showed different results in areas entrusted for them. From plain-spoken losing in performance of Serik Burkitbayev (went in prison after holding post of the head of KazMunaiGas) until successful, as it was with Mukhtar Jakishev (who is arrested after been head of KazAtоmProm). But their generic feature was failing to set apart their own pocket from governmental one ... (Continue reading)

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“Godson-in-law” is a Bad Character

Finally, one more question arises after the book was read. What did the author of the book do while Mr. Nazarbayev’s retinue has been involved into the “bad” business? You’ll receive the clear answer in Kazakhstan, during that “gold” period Rakhat Aliyev has been trying to enrich himself ... (Continue reading)

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Kazakhstan: “No world under …Aliyevs!”

In politics such "comeback" means as usual only one thing - exhaustiveness of an image, lack of creative imagination brings to that so-called politicians go around by a vicious circle - now hiding in a shade, now appearing to surface ... in the same mask.... (Continue reading)

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