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Third Astana Economic Forum to be held in Kazakhstan on July 1st-2nd

Conference entitled “Conference of State-private Partnership of Pease Centers” will be held on the first day of Forum. Representatives of State-private Partnership Centers, central and local executive bodies, experts and representatives of non-governmental organizations will take part in discussions. ... (Continue reading)

Cannabis, or wisdom tooth implant

In Kazakhstani part of Chu valley there are around 135, 000 hectares of wild-growing hemp. How many among it is Indian is hard to estimate, but the main thing is that it is growing in Miracle valley. Kyrgyzstan share in this natural area is around 30, 000 hectares, and thus it is on surface that’s got the main raw supply. ... (Continue reading)

We have the star gate, they have keys to it

When splitting USSR heritage Kazakhstan accrued to Baikonur spaceport with everything built there on about 46 billion of pukka soviet ruble. Young independent country was unable to use it properly, and for that reason it rented it out to Russia, simply to save unique complex. ... (Continue reading)